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"To say that the whole church is evil is simply not true"

To say that the whole church is evil is simply untrue and thus a great damage done to the vast majority of great and vicious clergymen, says Marek Jędraszewski in Piekary Śląskie, while expressing "embarrassment and humiliation" because of some priests' behavior.

May the pilgrimage to Piekary Slaskie has a long tradition and is one of the most important religious events in Upper Silesia. The state pilgrimage for men has come here since 1947.

Annual pilgrimage for men and young people to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Justice and Social Love in Piekary ąląskie. This is one of the most important religious events in Upper Silesia. Traditionally, an important point for the ceremony is Katowice Archbishop's social message

. Welcoming Participants Metropolitan of Katowice Archbishop Wiktor Skworc encouraged the gathering to participate in the elections to the European Parliament and "vote according to well-formed conscience". He stressed that such a conscience is a property of a responsible person.

Welcoming those who gathered around the backyard's pilgrimage, Archbishop Skworc claimed that the 1

2 stars on the EU flag are one of the elements reminiscent of Europe's Christian roots. This symbol is derived from the Apocalypse of Saint. John, according to which the fate of the Church and the last government of Christ announce "a great sign in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and on the head a wreath of twelve stars."

This sign of Mary, experienced and triumphant, is also a symbol of the church; It brings with it the Christian roots of a united Europe. Every day they remind about 12 stars on a blue background in their flag and an inscription on top of a Dutch 2-euro coin that reads, "Let God be with us

", said the Metropolitan of Katowice

Today in all countries forming the Union The European Parliament elections are held for Parliament. Serious responsibility lies with us right now in our latest history. That is why we encourage you (…) to participate in the European Parliament elections and vote in accordance with a well-formed conscience (…). Such a conscience is characterized by a responsible person – for himself, for his family, for his homeland and for the world [1965-9007] – sa erkebiskopen.19659010] As he described, the example of such a responsibility is responsible men and wives.

Sacramental marriage, and thus faithfulness and enduring interest in raising children, in order to shape character, protect the sanctity of life, the ability to forgive and start over, give man peace and joy that the world cannot give

– said Archbishop Skworc thank everyone who carries out family programs.

This is a concrete expression of our social solidarity and undoubtedly an investment in our future

– he added that the material foundations of the family are important, but "a band that is not less important than theirs is a shared and famous time ".

Welcome thousands of pilgrims who came to Piekary on Sunday with an annual pilgrimage to Our Lady of Justice and Social Welfare Shrine, the Archbishop claimed on Sunday in the churches read a letter from the Polish Episcopal "Sensitivity and Responsibility" devoted to the problem of pedophilia. He urged to read this, as he said, "the most important voice of church pastors".

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I would add it from last year in the Archbishop (Katowice – PAP), a delegate for the protection of children and adolescents . There is also a special team that represents all the environments that in the isbishop handle work with children and young people. They work with the allies in self-government institutions and all aid institutions for the correct and effective protection of children and young people (…). Every victim can be sure that he will be heard and protected, and every case is and will be morally and legally convicted. Therefore, we follow the applicable state law

– said Archbishop Skworc

. Therefore, we act systematically, prevention, prevention, never again did the child get hurt – neither in the church nor in any other environment – this is our common task

– assured the capital Katowice, which the congregation was awarded with applause.

The Hierarchy reminded the episcopate's social letter in March, dedicated to the eighth God command, "do not speak false witness against your neighbor."

It must be remembered that the path to truth and consent is shut down among others such words: everyone, always, never and the dialogue ends when the language is used to build a one-sided and unimaginable image of social life or stigmatization. Criticism of sins, omissions and mistakes – sincere and careful, expressed in good faith – should be separated from the way of formulating judgments by individuals or societies, which can be harmful or even impair their dignity. A measure of respect is also the limitation of exaggerated emotions and simplifications that falsify reality

– Katowice metropolitan area quoted in Piekary

The mass of bakery giants presided over the Apostolic Nuncio to Poland's Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio and the homily was delivered by metropolitan Marquis Jędraszewski. 19659025] Today we find ourselves in a situation where media and social space say a lot about the sins committed by the believers in the church. In view of some objective facts, we all feel embarrassed and humiliated because of the priests' behavior that has compromised their priestly or religious calling. But to say that the whole church is evil is simply untrue and thus a great harm done to the great wonderful and eager priests [1965970] – The Metropolitan of Krakow said in a homile, which the church was applauded with.

Holy Father's pensioner Benedict XVI he even wrote that such a false generalization is the work of an evil spirit. When everything is objective and impartial, it is very good going on in the church. This is mainly because – I quote the Holy Father – the Church of God (…) also today is the tool that God saves us. It is very important to oppose the devil's false and half-truths, full of truth. Yes, there is sin and pain in the church. But even today, the Holy Church, which is indestructible

– continued Archbishop Jędraszewski, referring to the idea of ​​Benedict XVI

Even today there are many people who humbly believe, suffer and love, in which God reveals to us a true love God. God also has his witnesses today – martyrs – in the world. We just need to be vigilant to see and hear them

– add the hierarchy with quotes about the idea of ​​a retired break.

He stressed that "we should think of the church with honor – as it is about the mother – even if it is made up of sinful people". As the Archbishop said, at Our Lady of Piekarnia: "We teach love to the church, our mother."

Here we remember such an old and at the same time true truth: Mother never wrong. In turn, about their children, when necessary, the difficult and painful truth should be revealed. And we just do it because the children like her – the holy mother church – could painfully touch their infidelity, could see through, transform as much as possible – for the harm done, to repent

– said Archbishop Jędraszewski.

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