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Through US sanctions, Iran has significantly reduced support for Hezbollah

The newspaper refers to the many representatives of Hezbollah who appear in Lebanon as a Shiite political party, the party of God (Hizb Allah), but also an important armed organization in Syria or Iraq.

For decades, Hezbollah has been successful thanks to the generous funding from Iran, giving the benefits to its fighters and their families, giving its voters social benefits and collecting a powerful arsenal. Ever since last year, the administration of US President Donald Trump drew the country from a nuclear agreement with Iran and resumed serious sanctions against that country. Tehran must seriously limit the funds that have been released to its foreign allies. This led to Hezbollah, the main recipient of Iranian support, introducing drachic cuts in spending ̵

1; the Washington Post.

Militants are sent for forced law or moved to reserve, where they receive a lower salary or do not receive it at all. Many are recalled from Syria, where they fought on the local regime's side. In Al-Manar, belonging to Hezbollah, programs and employees are dismantled. Social programs have been drastically reduced, such as delivering free drugs and food to fighters, group workers, and their families, who have so far guaranteed Hezbollah's loyalty – list daily.

According to US Special Envoy Brian Hook, Iran has previously handed over Hezbollah over $ 700 million a year, accounting for 70 percent. income of this Lebanese grouping. The US administration has reported that Iran has been deprived of $ 10 billion in revenue since full sanction in November 2018.

In this fiat situation, Hezbollah is trying to secure other sources of funding. To this end, his leader Hasan Nasrallah in March announced a "financial jihad" in which street was embroidered, collecting bills requiring donations and campaigns in social media, which called the movement's supporters to fulfill the "religious duty" and support ruled by Hezbollah [19659006] At the same time, Hezbollah suffers from the consequences of separate sanctions, through which so far beneficiaries from Lebanon and other countries have moved away from him, as well as many state-owned companies and authorities who, for fear of restrictions, have given up business with a large network dependent on Hezbollah companies and other institutions.

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