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The premiere of Athlon C and Ryzen C processors

AMD gets ready to conquer the market … Chromebooks. The manufacturer has prepared a new generation of processors that will offer a huge increase in performance.

Chromebooks are simple laptops running Chrome OS. It is true that this type of design is not very popular with us, but globally it is a large segment of the laptop market – such laptops are used in the consumer, education and business market.

This potential was also noted by AMD, which has registered a share increase from 5.2% to 21% since 2019. However, the manufacturer does not intend to rest on its laurels and introduced a new generation of Athlon C and Ryzen C. processors. The systems will power the next generation Chromebook.

AMD introduces new processors for Chromebooks

The new units are based on the Zen / Zen + and Vega architecture and their production uses 1

4- or 12-nanometer lithography. Apparently nothing new, but so far the “reds” have offered a series of APUs from the excavator generation at 28 nm (these are the times of outdated modular design).

AMD Athlon C and Ryzen C

The manufacturer has introduced a total of five new devices – Athlon Silver will work in everyday, less demanding applications, Athlon Gold is a mid-range offering, and Ryzen systems are already equipped for the most efficient Chromebooks (such designs will also offer more RAM and more spacious SSDs).

New Athlon and Ryzen processors – the performance increase is huge

Let’s be honest, the new processors are not among the performance demons. But that does not mean that they do not impress with performance – compared to the previous generation of Chromebooks, the difference is huge.

AMD Athlon C and Ryzen C

This can be seen, for example, in common internet applications. Responsiveness to web applications is better by up to 153%, and Java Script engine tests are better by 163% and 178% respectively (Kraken 1.1 and Octane 2.0).

AMD Athlon C and Ryzen C

Of course, the new processors are also suitable for other tasks. In office applications, the productivity increase is more than twice. In more demanding applications, such as photo editing or 3D graphics, the difference is even greater (reaching 153% and 151% respectively).

When is the premiere of laptops with new AMD processors?

The new Chromebooks will be used in the consumer, educational and corporate markets – their models are being prepared by Acer, ASUS, HP and Lenovo, among others. According to the manufacturer’s information, the first such structures will be shown during the fourth quarter of 2020.

Source: AMD

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