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The Ombudsman in the Sejm: these changes call into question our future in the European Union

The Ombudsman, Adam Bodnar, presented information about his activities last year in the Sejm on Friday evening and summarized the entire term of office 2015-2020.

– I am pleased to be able to present the annual information on a special day, the day when there was clear support for the Polish Parliament’s freedom of action, and a decision was taken to create this solidarity fund for people injured by the regime – said Adam Bodnar in Sejm, with reference to the events in Belarus, at the beginning of the summary of activities during the past year.



As he emphasized, 2019 was extremely intense. The Ombudsman’s office received over 59,000 cases, including 29,000 new ones. – During this time, we delivered 1,184 general speeches. The ombudsman has become a party to more than 200 different court proceedings before the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court and the courts, said Adam Bodnar.


“More than 59,000 cases were submitted to the Ombudsman’s office”TVN24

“These are changes that call into question our future in the European Union”

As in the Senate, he pointed to three streams of change – “anti-political” aimed at the concentration of power, “national populism”, the purpose of which was to redefine the concepts of human rights and “social”.

Among the most important changes in the first stream were the Commissioner for Human Rights, “subordination of the Constitutional Court to political authority”, the establishment of the National Media Council, increased powers of the secret services, the merging of prosecutors and justice ministers, “the creation of effective hierarchical mechanisms. and performance of prosecutors’ duties “and changes in joint courts and the Supreme Court.

He believes that the gradual effort to create a new unknown constitution affected respect for civil rights. “People who defend the existing constitutional rules have fallen victim to human rights violations,” said Adam Bodnar.

RPO on changes in the “anti-political” trendTVN24

Speaking on the trend of “national populism”, the Ombudsman considered that the first sign of “deviation from liberal democracy” was opposition to receiving refugees, and people of different sexual orientations and some civic organizations also fell victim to “anti-constitutional measures”.

Speaking of the “social” trend, the defender emphasized that he supports the policy of labeling all citizens, including those living in smaller cities, for example. However, he pointed to negligence regarding, among other things, social housing, prison reform and support for people recovering from homelessness

– I would like to emphasize that the last five years have been very serious in terms of constitutional values ​​and principles for Poland’s system issues. These are changes that call into question our future in the European Union. They also question our safety – concluded Bodnar.

The Ombudsman Adam Bodnar presented information about his activities in Sejm Leszek Szymański / PAP

He stated “representing specific political and ideological interests in the circles”

Later, during statements on behalf of clubs and circles, the floor was taken by, among others, Anna Milczanowska from Law and Justice, who emphasized that in relation to the theses presented in the document is a broader view of the measures taken by Human Rights Defender or their lack of justified.

Unfortunately, we must say that, although he spoke on many occasions and on many subjects, he did so not to protect real civil rights and freedoms, but to represent specific political and ideological interests in the circles, in accordance with the principle that if facts are against us, so much worse for facts – said Milczanowska.

She added that PiS, in the service of poles, made a great effort to liquidate the so-called theoretical state, where only selected interests were counted, “but according to the ombudsman, it is not people who are helpless in the face of the soulless machine, but the caste deserves special protection. “- in Milczanowska. As an example, she mentioned the issue of Warsaw re-privatization.

Milczanowska: he spoke to represent specific political and ideological interests in the circlesTVN24

“Adam Bodnar has been an authority for all of us for the past five years”

In turn, MEP Michał Szczerba of the Civic Coalition stressed that information about the activities of human rights defenders falls on a special day, when people in Belarus are violating human and civil rights every day.

– We live in extraordinary times where nothing is certain. It does not matter if something is written in the constitution or something is a generally accepted principle of a democratic state governed by the rule of law. During such times, signs and authorities are a must. Adam Bodnar has been an authority for all of us for the past five years – said Szczerba.

“Adam Bodnar has been an authority for all of us for the past five years”TVN24

Katarzyna Ueberhan from the left pointed out that recent years have been “a new decalogue of our political life and a specific problem of civil rights and freedoms”. Examples include human rights violations, violations of the Constitution, the politicized Supreme Court and the National Council of the Court, humiliation of the Constitutional Court, limited freedom of assembly, “alliance of the throne with the altar”, “hatred of the authorities”, politicized public media and “homophobic statements from right-wing politicians “.

– A state that systematically discriminates against minorities and does not care about the weaker ones is the image of the state that emerges from the information about the activities for Human Rights Defender 2019 – said Ueberhan.

Main Photo Source: Leszek Szymański / PAP

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