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The housing market is still rising. Developers are building like crazy

So far, the views of these real estate market analysts, who said several months ago, that in Poland did not expect a strong slowdown in the real estate market. Demand for apartments at Vistula is still driven by its shortage, further stimulated by low unemployment, wage developments and low interest rates, as confirmed by the latest CSO data.

– According to preliminary data in January-April 2019, 63.9 million PLN housing, ie 9.3 percent. more than a year ago. The developers have ordered 39.3 thousand. apartments (15.7 percent, more than in the same period last year), while individual investors – 23.1 thous. apartments, ie by 0.5 percent. more than in 2018 – our statisticians gave.

In the above building forms, a total of 97.7% was built. of all apartments ready for use in our country. The cooperatives could also build 648 apartments against 698 apartments a year ago. And in the remaining ̵

1; municipal, social rents and factory – a total of 845 homes were handed over to use, that is, by 3.8 percent. more than last year.

Less permission, but still good

Less optimistic about the data concerns building permits and applications with the construction project.

– During the first four months of 2019 permission was issued or a building declaration was submitted for 80,000 homes, that is, by 8.3 per cent, less than the corresponding period last year. Developers of building the largest number of apartments were granted to developers (48.0 thousand) and individual investors (30.6 thousand), ie 14.4 percent respectively. less and 6.0 percent more than in the corresponding period 2018 – informs Central Statistical Office

But in general, the situation on the Polish housing market is still very good, as mBank's analysts commented on Twitter, with a clear chart.

The above has also added another attention – We did not expect and we expect no crisis. On the contrary – they wrote.

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