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Szymon Wydra played again at the Opole festival. He's not kidding him anymore?

  Szymon Wydra performed again at the festival in Opole. He's not kidding him anymore?

Szymon Wydra is a singer who became known as a finalist in the first edition of Idol. Since then, he has performed with his band Carpe Diem and his professional life, unlike the band's most popular song, does not look like a poem . However, the artist does not give up and try to remind himself. Today he performed at the Festival in Opole in 2019. Two years ago, Wydra published a long record of why his band boycottes this event.

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We have always been apolitical as a band. Music is for us what we love and what we live. We have chosen the course in this way, and the more we know the image of the embarrassing spectacle that takes place on the stage at "Opole Amphitheater". It is incomprehensible and unthinkable for us to exclude artists for their political sympathy, religious beliefs and worldview. We always thought that the Polish Song Festival was a song festival, not a political ̵

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We play for you, we exist for you and despite the fact that many of you have suggested so that we would nevertheless look at the festival, who want to keep in line with our conscience, we regret that we were forced to ours this year's Opole performance to interrupt . How he sang the classic: "It will still be beautiful, it will be normal anyway." We believe it! – he insured.

In his post, Wydra referred to the scandal that erupted around the festival in Opole 2017. Jacek Kurski partially censored a musical event most went to Kayah, who landed on the TVP black list, Maryla Rodowicz commented on the events and hurried to save his younger friend

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Carpe Diem also boycotted the festival until today, for several weeks on social media Wydry is full of posts on Opole . Vocalist cordially invites you for the festival he criticized two years ago.

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Wydra has such a short memory or perhaps something has changed and Opole Festival has ceased to be a political festival? We want to remind you that nothing has changed in the Polish television board.

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