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So many cashiers at Biedronka and Lidl stores now earn no money. See the latest net prices [19 maja 2019 r.]

The vast majority of cashiers perform their duties according to an employment contract – 85 percent. defendant. More than every third third (36 percent) explains that they receive bonuses every month for the results – says the latest report "Cash on the labor market, profit, development and expectations" of zarobka.pracuj.pl.

– Although you are at the lowest levels in the hierarchy, they build our impressions in relation to the brand. The cashier's job is demanding, often physically heavy. However, market reports show that cash payouts are steadily growing and employers are introducing career development programs – stresses [1

945900] Rafał Nachyna [1945900] CEO of Pracuj.pl

Cashier law in Poland is highly feminized. According to the experts in zarobki.pracuj.pl, 8 out of 10 cashiers are women. Interestingly, the ladies dominate among food managers (61%) and their deputies (66%).

According to data from the site zarobki.pracuj.pl, their average monthly salary is 2000 PLN net. The best paid specialists, on the other hand, receive salaries of almost half as much – PLN 2900 net. For comparison, the average salaries of the seller in the automotive industry net are 3100 PLN and the grocery store manager is 4600 PLN.

Higher salaries are offered by stores in the largest cities and the most developed regions, as well as large retail chains.

Due to the high turnover on the cashier's position, the employee's benefit is an internship that exceeds 2-3 years in one place.

Higher wages are offered by cashiers, eg. IT, car and RTV household appliances.

The minimum wage increases from 2019 years.

Product coupons are by far the most popular (38 percent). According to employee statements, companies are less likely to choose social benefits (28 percent), life insurance (25 percent) and private healthcare (18 percent).


What are the expectations of the cashiers? Cashiers are one of the most characteristic groups of male workers. As reported by Pracuj.pl, they expect stable and clear employment rules. They want comfortable and fast recruitment, honest relationships with managers and a healthy work environment.

As shown in the Pracuj.pl report "On the track for good work", male workers pay special attention to the amount of compensation. Only 35 percent. The respondents want to change their position to higher, but 77 percent. would change jobs if they were to receive higher compensation in a new place.

If the opportunities for development in the cashier's work were expressed for Pracuj.pl Kinga Jagiełło-Kulesza head of the HR department of Jeronimo Martins Polska.

What did she say? – Depending on company and industry, it may look different. Usually, it begins with the cashier's or seller's cashier's position, and later you can be marketed to the leading seller – treasurer, and then the trustee. The higher the level, the more opportunities for development. You can choose a specialist or management route. In the Biedronka chain, the store manager can be promoted to the head of fresh goods sales, as business and sales manager, later as chief executive, who oversees the work with several dozen stores, then – the director of the distribution center, as regional director. This position is also associated with various opportunities – for example, you can change specialization, become a director in the purchasing department, etc. Much depends on the company's structure or current business needs. By working in sales outlets you can get competencies that can be used in other areas, including in marketing. Such a person can, for example, go to the personnel department or become an internal coach and educate himself – says Kinga Jagiełło-Kulesza.

Source: Pracuj.pl


<a class = "componentsArticleGallery__mainImgLink" href = "https://pomorska.pl/ile-zarabiaja- cashier-i-kasjerzy-w-polsce-iw-region, interest: moga-niektorych-niespodzyc / ga / c3-14093147 / zd / 35505569 "title =" Have you ever wondered how much cashiers and cashiers in Poland earn? on the basis of the nationwide wage survey conducted by Sedlak & Sedlak.

How does the wage in the registry look at each region? Where the cashier earns the most?

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