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Series A. Banditer destroyed and robbed the car of Piotr Zieliński's wife

Italian media reports a disturbing event. According to La Repubblica daily, thieves attacked the car from Piotr Zieliński's wife – Laura Słowiak, causing injuries and theft. Polish football players reported the matter to the police. Is it revenge by Napoli supporters?

The crime occurred in the city of Vercuatro, a few dozen kilometers from Naples. The bandits robbed the car of Naples partner, who at that time relaxed on one of the nearby beaches.

When she returned to the parking lot, she saw the disturbing view – someone had broken into her car. The passenger side window was broken and the car stolen from navigation and music play equipment. The scared woman called her husband, who arrived and informed the police about the entire incident.

This is not the only such incident involving Napoli players (and their relatives) recently. Last weekend, criminals also broke into Allan's house. According to reports from "La Gazzetta dello Sport", the burglars were not followed by a robbery motif. Although a few items were killed from the player's home, the bandits left a bag with € 10,000 in the apartment. Their goal was simply to tear down Napoli's midfielder.

Italian journalists suspect that both attacks may be an attempt to avenge footballers for poor results and chaos that ruled the team. After a series of bad performances, President Aurelio de Laurentiis ordained a penal camp for all players during which they would break the world. It is not difficult to guess that this situation did not appeal to the players – after the match in the Champions League with FC Salzburg they decided to return to their homes without the owner's consent, which only aggravated the conflict.

One of the worst attackers de Laurentis was Allan. All indications are that the attacks against Napoli players may be caused by fans of Vesuvius, unhappy with the situation in the team. Already on Thursday, the Italian media reported that a group of about 150 fans gathered near the stadium, fired the traps and hung a banner with the inscription "Respect" on the entrance gate.

The next day, during open training, the fans would whistle and name them "mercenaries". They also demanded the departure of coach Carl Ancelotti.

The entire club environment will now need a representative break, which will help alleviate the growing conflict and clear heads for unnecessary negative emotions. Otherwise, competitors must shake their property and their loved ones' safety.


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