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Protest of the yellow west of France for the 27th time.

15.5 thousand "yellow vests" were manifested throughout France on Saturday, informed the French Interior Ministry. This is the lowest presence during Saturday's marches since the beginning of this movement. The first demonstration took place in November.

This was the 27th edition of the protest, where only the most moving supporters of the movement participated – comments AFP.

According to the Interior Ministry, in Paris, 1.6 thousand. people. The week before, 2.7 thousand marched

Small demonstrations were also held in Reims, Nancy, Marseille, Toulouse and Lille, where the "yellow west" joined the protest against Bayer-Monsanto.

The protests question these numbers and say that about 41,000 demonstrations took place across the country.

The "yellow vest" loses momentum

The "yellow west" initially demonstrated against the rising cost of living and the fuel tax increase which the government finally withdrew. In time, protesters began to demand changes in social policy or resignation of President Emmanuel Macron. In Paris, protests have often become violent riots.

The chairman organized a national debate to identify the frustration problems and the sources of frustration among French and the proposed solutions. Macron summarized these consultations at the end of April and during a press conference promised to reduce taxes, facilitate referendums and reorganize state administration, and reform training and indexing pensions that do not exceed 2,000. Euro.

After the President's speech began, the protests began to weaken and with each week the spread fell into the demonstrations


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Source: PAP

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