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Prince Harry is not the son of Prince Charles ?! He confessed it to his face ?!

It has been rumored for several years that Prince Charles (age 70) is not the biological father of Prince Harry (age 35). Now the US press is publishing new reports on this topic and they do not look too optimistic.

The British royal family hides many dark secrets. Romances, scandals and quarrels are probably everyday in the royal court.

Although Princess Diana († 36 years old) has been dead for 22 years, the history of marriage to Prince Charles is still alive and is often commented on in the media.

No, it's already a secret that their relationship wasn't happy. There were stores that broke up their marriage.

After a while, people began to doubt that Prince Harry is the son of Prince Charles. Today, the subject comes back to the headlines again, as Prince Charles would eventually tell Harry himself.

Apparently enough for a sharp exchange of meaning during a quarrel. Prince Charles, like the rest of the family, once had enough of the behavior of Harry's wife, Meghan Markle.

"Carol was tired of whining and complaining about Meghan, calling Harry to a meeting at Buckingham Palace, where he dropped a bomb on his head," the source told The Globe magazine.

Carol's harsh words would then be said:

"I am not your biological father. After the birth of your brother William, your mother and I separated, Diana betrayed me and became pregnant during an affair with another man."

The informant adds that Charles is said to be certain that he is not Harry's father.

"Charles went on to tell Harry that he had known the truth since his birth and shortly thereafter he did a DNA test to prove it. When Harry asked him to tell who his real father was – turn over the Prince of Wales and leave the room . "

If these reports were true, Prince Harry would lose everything – titles, the right to the throne and of course money. The American press also speculates that the prince's alleged father may be James Hewitt, with whom Princess Diana had an affair in the 1980s, roughly when Harry was born.

Diana, Princess of Wales and Prince Karol

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