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Power plant from a large plate. Thanks to the sun, the neighborhood reduces the bills of the residents

A powerful solar plant was created on the roofs of a Wrocław blockhouse just a year ago. Today it covers an area of ​​0.5 ha, and its total power is 739 kWp, which means that the production of 700 thousand. kWh per year.

– This is the largest municipal, distributed photovoltaic power plant in Poland and unique in Europe – says Urszula Hreniak of Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa Wrocław-Południe. A total of 2771 photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roof of 35 large buildings.

And there are plans to expand it. Heat pumps will be started in four buildings, which in cooperation with solar panels will produce heat energy for heating water

(Wrocław-Południe housing)

(Photo: Wrocław-Południe)

At the moment solar energy is used to drive lifts, lighting of corridors, entrances and surroundings in the housing market, engine room and hydrophobia – that is, all parts of the common buildings. Annual energy costs have already fallen by about PLN 300,000

Invested, now counting profits

Wroclaw Solar Power Plant cost PLN 4.2 million. But as the cooperative emphasized, they did not experience any costs. The investment was fully funded by the Wrocław Regional Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund as part of the "Prosument" program, with a contribution of PLN 1.7 million and a PLN 2.5 million loan spread over 8-9 years.

The effects exceed expectations – exactly 10 percent The more energy is produced by the ceiling of the roof than the assumed forecast. The cooperative presents calculations, which shows that the annual energy costs have decreased from 425 thousand. PLN annually up to 120,000

– After the loans for individual buildings have been repaid, the first will take place after 6 years, the fees for housing for electricity to common parts will decrease by an average of about 75%. – appreciates Mirosław Lach, one of the authors of Wrocław Solar Power Plant, former chairman of SM Wrocław-Południe.

As he points out, 15 thousand. Residential housing housing is already measurable today, as they will practically not know the increase in electricity prices. – If the market price increases by 40%, our residents will feel an economic increase of 10%. – he notices In addition, the cooperative lowered this year's carbon dioxide emissions by 600 tons

Wrocław, Sopot, Szczecin …

– We managed to obtain a surprisingly large amount of clean energy during our first power plant year – informs Śnieżka SM Śnieżek. – The economic balance is satisfactory, so we will certainly not end it – he informs. The solar power plant in Wrocław is just one of many examples of the "big plate power plant".

For example, the solar panels have been invested by the Pszczelna Housing Community in Szczecin. A total of 96 batteries have been installed on the roof of the roof. Ultimately, the cost of energy purchases is expected to decrease by 15,000.

But not all of them were kidnapped by eco-revolution. The town council of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship also tempted the housing law "Grunwald" in Olsztynek with lower bills. At three 4-storey blocks, the installation was finally installed. Today, however, there is no trace of it.

When we learned unofficially in the "Grunwald" cooperative, the solar power plant on the roof did not live up to expectations. Prices would decrease by 70%, but they did not decrease. As the representatives of the cooperatives explained, this only gave the roofs surface – the owner of the installation was the town hall.

(smprzylesie.pl/materiały prasowe) [Foto: smprzylesie.pl/materiały prasowe]

Z In turn, the green energy convinced Sopot's "Przylesie" housing cooperative. There, on the roof of the building, 542 solar panels looked four years ago. Every year they produce over 130 MWh

– Solar panels have been on all roofs for three years. This solution works and is profitable. They produce as much energy as we expected. Anyone who invests quickly, earns money quickly – adds his president Piotr Kurdziel.

(SM Przylesie)

(Photo: SM Przylesie)

But the plans do not end there. The cooperative planned to install additional links on the outer barriers on all balconies in the neighborhood. – The old balconies have been cut and we have built new larger ones with a sloping southwest, ready to place the panels. We are just waiting for programs that enable co-financing – stresses President Kurdziel. – At the moment the mining arena is at the top of the top, he says ironically.

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