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ON THE BOX ONLY: Edyta Zając confirms DIVORCE with the unfaithful Jakub Rzeźniczak: “You know people after they are done”

History Jakub Rzezniczak it can serve as a practical guide for future enthusiasts of Polish show business on how to effectively tarnish your good name, guided by primary desires. The football player in Wisła Płock had everything (at least according to celebrity standards): fame, huge money and a beautiful wife – Edyta Zając. He still lacked impressions, however, as a result Shortly after the wedding, he had a daughter. However, her mother was not a model who married Butcher, but another woman, who is also allegedly deceived by the football player with visions of a common future.

In an interview with Good morning TVN from September last year Edyta Zając she revealed that it was because of love she repeatedly kept an eye on her husband’s “outburst”however, she was eventually forced to set some boundaries. In the end, as the editors found out boxesafter many months of waiting, two postponements of the court proceedings and those carried out by Jakub Rzezniczak trying to save a marriage, the couple is now officially divorced.


boxes He contacted Edyta to ask how he feels about a divorce and what her plans are for the future, now that she is no longer burdened by the uncomfortable burden of a dysfunctional marriage. Here’s what she had to tell us.

So, I’m officially divorced. I am glad that a very difficult period in my life is already behind me. This is my only comment on divorce. My parents taught me to respect everyone, and for that reason I would not want to raise these issues. I believe that private matters should be left to themselves. And you know people when they quit. Now I have a lot of professional challenges ahead and that is what I focus on. I am happy and curious about what the future will bring – the model commented in an interview with poodle.

It is worth remembering that Zając recently met a handsome brunette whom she regularly saw on the streets of Warsaw. The butcher, on the other hand, engaged in one Magdalena Stępień-Kolesnikow. Former participants Top Model has already once boasted in the media that a soccer player cheated on her with another woman. After all, she decided to come back to him.


Which of the spouses do you think did better with this transaction? Edyta or Jakub?


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