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My mom was a homeschooling liaison man. Now it's my turn

There are many "flowers" on the lists of total opposition. It turns out that not only Klaudia Jachira would like to be in the Polish Parliament. Grzegorz Schetyna's proposal was also used by … Maria Nurowska.

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Known for her constant criticism of the government and contempt for PiS voters, the author in social media announced that she joined the Senate from PO-KO lists. However, this is not all because the author views her decision as a heroic power and compares with a soldier's battle in 1

920 and the home army. It can also be a blow to the rulers.

Dear! I enter the Senate from the P0-KO list with the awareness that there is an enemy around me, but I will do my best to get out of this battle that wins. My father, who was 17 years old in the legions, for the war 20 he got the Virtuti Militari cross, mother. liaison with the commander of the Home Army in the Suwałki district. Valor's cross. Kaczyński, Ziobra and others like them did not fight for such a Poland, now it is my turn

– said Nurowska.

 Display / author: Facebook / Maria Nurowska
Display / author: Facebook / Maria Nurowska

Does the opposition want such representatives in the Senate? With such people, Schetyna wants to "push back", "fix" – as he claims – what "broke" PiS?

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wkt / FB / Maria Nurowska

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