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MMA. Mariusz Pudzianowski tests Erko Juna?

In the duel of bodybuilders at the KSW gala in Ergo Arena, Erko Jun needed only 38 seconds to handle the popular Akop Shostak in our country. After the third consecutive victory Bosnia's shares went up and it is possible that he will meet Mariusz Pudzianowski in the next fight.

So far, Jun was treated with a grain of salt, where it was not something strange, because he had the status of so-called. freak, more and more convince your skills. With his first steps in mixed martial arts, the 28-year-old debuted with actor Tomasz Oświeciński in his debut in the KSW federation, giving no chance to Popek Monster and now beat his latest colleague Akop Szostak.

This is how Jun worked conscientiously for the first verification in his career, which can separate him from the celebrities and give him a passport to serious confrontations. One of the candidates who quickly received support is Mariusz Pudzianowski, who is on her career. The strongest man in the world in the struggle of the battle has two defeats behind him, first with Karol Bedorf, and in March he had no chance of younger and infernally strong Olympic weightlifting champions Szymon Kołecki.

In addition, the 42-year-old "Pudzian" got the idea of ​​such a duel, which interacts on one of the social networks. – I can check it – wrote a veteran on the KSW profile in connection with the June fight.

– I did not expect Mariusz "Pudzian" Pudzianowski, who directly explains that he can control Erko, … do you think? – asked on Twitter Martin Lewandowski, one of the co-owners of the KSW federation.


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