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Miller PERFECT KPI from Ziobra. The Minister is AMAZING for these words

  Leszek Miller and Zbigniew Ziobro

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Leszek Miller and Zbigniew Ziobro ̵

1; to put it mildly – do not like each other. The former prime minister once again bit the Justice Minister, and he did so in a sophisticated way. Ziobro can be furious!

Recently, Leszek Miller terminated unscrupulous accounts with Zbigniew Ziobro, who after the scandal at the Ministry of Justice can not count on good pressure. The former prime minister said "he didn't expect too much" from Ziobro and thinks he should step down.

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Ziobro talked about the case in the Ministry of Justice. He talks about invaluability

Mocking Ziobra Leszek Miller continued on Twitter. First he published a post in which the minister plays the leading role. He ends his argument with a promise that he will chase members of his political camp if they commit any crime. – I don't think so – Miller commented.

The second post was already much sharper, though it seems innocent. "Maybe the reform of the justice system must be started from the beginning?" – Miller wrote. This is an obvious reference to memorable words from the Lew Rywin Investigation Commission when Miller told Ziobro that this is zero.

The strongest political obligations: Zero, the dog were you, Kurdupel!

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