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Milan. Congress for radical groups from all over Europe. Salvini at the helm

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  Radicals and nationalists from all over Europe in Milan. They want her

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Salvini has organized a rally in Milan

– Extremists are those who have ruled the European Union for 20 years – said Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini during a collection of his European parties, the League, in Milan. As he said, one must "liberate Europe from the illegal occupation organized in Brussels many years ago".

In Piazza Duomo in front of the Cathedral of Milan, where thousands of people gathered, representatives of 11 so-called sovereign groups came from EU countries, including the extreme right option for Germany and the French national union. The slogans raised were "Common sense in Europe" and "Enough bureaucrats, bankers, convincing people and boats" with immigrants.

In the climatic speech of the pre-quality struggle, the League accused the member of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, of "betraying Europe" and building the "Union of Finance and Uncontrolled Immigration."

– There are no extremists, racists or fascists in this square. There is no fair here, but there is a common sense policy, says Matteo Salvini. – Extremists are the ones who have ruled the European Union for 20 years – he added

The Italian Deputy Prime Minister and the head of the Interior Ministry paid tribute to Saint John Paul II and reminded him of his 99th birthday on Saturday. As Salvini pointed out, the Pope spoke of creating Europe for brotherhood and solidarity, "he appealed to Europe to find its roots, not to talk about Turkey in Europe, because Turkey will never be in it."

Migrants in Europe [19659013] Given the need to defend against uncontrolled immigration, Matteo Salvini stressed that the continent would otherwise be threatened with becoming "Eurabia" as the author Oriana Fallaci warned.

Politicians assured that if his group was in the first place in Europe, migration policy would change throughout the EU. – No one comes to the continent anymore – he added

He also raised the words of Pope Francis and stressed that the current Italian government's actions led to the number of immigrants drowned in the Mediterranean declining to zero. As he said, it is effort "with pride and Christian spirit."

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He also announced that the first project that will put the league with its allies in the European Parliament will be the Charter of Rights of the European Law. He described it as follows: "Instead of the god of money – the right to work, happiness and health."

– We have five million poor and twenty million unemployed in Europe, but in Brussels they explain that there is no other world. It's like Galileusz who learned that the earth is flat – he added. "We're like Galileo, a peaceful army of madmen who saves our children's future -" said Salvini, who had a rosary in his hands.

Support for Salvini

All politicians from European countries appearing on stage at Piazza Duomo expressed appreciation words for Matteo Salvini and his migration policy.

– We want to create a more efficient Europe and build a real European fortress and protect it, because we are real Europeans – said alternative German MEP Joerg Meuthen

– On this continent there are people who believe in values ​​and virtues. We have the courage to defend both, we are here for these people, it is our patriotic duty, he added.

Represents the Austrian Freedom Party, Georg Mayer explained that "in Milan there are politicians who can change Europe". – We are reformers, not destroyers of Europe. We are the future. We defend democracy and respect our citizens when we understand people's needs – he is sure.

The leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, called for defense of EU countries, for "greater national sovereignty" and responsibility for individual Member States. "With the dictates of the Union's superstate, enough immigration, enough Islam," said Wilders.

"An accurate boat with illegal immigrants," added one politician from the Netherlands. "Matteo knows how to say" enough, "and Europe needs more leaders like Salvini," he stressed.

The speech was also given by the leader of the French National Union Marine Le Pen. – Today it is our duty to write together the future of Europe. On May 26, a common sense revolution begins, we will give the nations power. Europe lifted its head with us, she said

– We are convinced that Europe can only find its power in the countries that create it – she said. – Our project is a Europe of free, sovereign nations that will respect their will – added Le Pen. She also said that immigration threatens the security of European nations.

In addition, Milan appeared in: Jaak Madison from the Estonian Conservative People's Party, group leader. We are a family from Slovakia Boris Kollar and Denmark's Member of Parliament Anders Vistisen.

Opponents March

W Milano, along with the League's rally, took place in March's opponents, organized by the Leftist environment. They took slogans against sovereignty, nationalism, fascism and migration policy from the current Italian government.

League League, leader of the five-star movement, Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio – increasingly in conflict with Salvini – asked journalists to comment on his rally, be worried. "He expressed the opinion that the ultimate right" does not want Italy good. "

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