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McDonald’s CEO lost his position for the deal. His second crime came to light

Following the announcement, not only Easterbrook, who was divorced at the time of committing an act prohibited by internal regulations, became unpleasant, but also the company. McDonald’s stock market valuation fell by $ 3.4 billion.

In an email to Easterbrook employees, he acknowledged that the deal “was a mistake” and acknowledged that the board’s punishment was right.

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– With regard to the company’s values, I agree with the decision on my appeal – he wrote.

Chris Kempczinski succeeded Easterbrook as president. In fact, the case of the former president who paid for the deal with his position should end, but it is not. After it was revealed that Easterbrook had had a sexual relationship with three other subordinates, the company decided to reclaim severance pay which it had paid him to say goodbye.

And the severance pay is, a trifle, $ 40 million.

In June, the company received anonymous management indicating that Easterbrook had broken corporate rules more than once, reports the BBC. The company opened immediately. After the information was searched on the servers, it was revealed that Easterbrook sent disassembled photos from his computer, but also proof that he donated hundreds of dollars to one of the employees shortly after he started a business with her.

A representative of the fast food chain, quoted by the BBC, claims that if the company was aware of this, it would not pay Easterbrook severance pay.

The network has already sued Easterbrook to get back tens of millions of dollars in severance pay and benefits.

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