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May 29: For good and bad section 745: Wedding by Julka and Arthur

Just before the ceremony in the last episode "For good and bad" before the holidays, fiances will argue so strongly that they must be separated by witnesses where Marta udamuda Trzebiatowska (35) and Michał Żebrowski (47) will play them. Fortunately, the fight will be bloodless and soon Julia and Artur will become a wife.

Previously, the groom will be late in the church and Julia will panic.

– He got stuck in the hospital … I knew! to the sea, they called the patient urgently in need of surgery … Arthur left us and returned, he is always so! (…) He never gets out of work, someone always needs his help … The whole church will be there … He'll put me off … ̵

1; he'll say.

Nervous, the bride will finally stand alone in front of the altar – ready to recall the ceremony
– You really noticed that the wedding hour has gone and the groom so far That he has come … I regret to admit that I cannot predict if she will ever do it! As I know him, he forgot what day it is, the hour he marries today …

A second later … the groom finally comes to church! Late but full of enthusiasm. And he immediately catches his fiancé in his arms …
– I'm! I say "yes" to everything! I want to take her to my wife!
– "Love endures everything, believes everything, puts hope in everything, survives everything … Love never ceases"
Will these words bring joy to newlyweds?

Unfortunately, Burska's parents: Zosia Małgorzata Foremniak, 52 years old and Cuba (53 years old Artur ijmijewski)

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Julka will sleep with Molenda

Bart will faint in the operator

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