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Mars of rivals in Biaystok. Obirek in the letter to Archbishop. Wojdy: You have to take responsibility

During Saturday's Equality March in Białystok, there were many attacks on the participants in the event. Violent acts were convicted by the bishop and in a separate position by Białystok Archbishop. Tadeusz Wojda. "We cannot reconcile ourselves with a Christian attitude, Christ's followers, acts of violence, and contempt, our duty is to defend values ​​with tools that always follow the command of love for neighbor and respect for every human being," wrote the priest.

Bialystok. Obirek's letter to Archbishop Wojda after the equality march

. Now a theologian and a former Jesuit wrote Stanisław Obirek to the metropolitan area of ​​Bialystok. "The latest events in Bialystok and thus in your diocese's area filled me with grief, I read the proclamation that you addressed to your believers on July 7 and I knew immediately that it did not end well, even when you embraced the episcopal capital of this city, you explained that you want to learn Poland, where you have not been in Poland for 30 years, I have lived here for 30 years and I know that Poland has become different, just as I have been different "- we read in one letters that have been published by Onet, among others. Then Obirek writes: "I am not afraid of gender equality in March, it is more I participate regularly in them and with full conviction I am glad that my country is slowly becoming a democratic society and I can see that more and more Polish Catholics share my enthusiasm . "

In the remainder of the letter we read: As you know, for a few days, a manifestation of people of good will in your city is planning to manifest against the manifestations of hatred and brutalization of public space. Probably unconscious, but with your unfortunate proclamation on July 7, you contributed to this brutalization. As you remember, your boss, Pope Francis, admitted when he realized he had made a mistake in assessing some Chilean bishops and their role in pedophilia, he admitted to wrong. "

" You must bear responsibility "

Obirek refers to the statement of the metropolitan area that occurred after the equality month." Yes, you issued a statement that I read carefully. I am sorry, but it shows that the painful lesson of the fire of hatred that burned in your city and which you undoubtedly added to oil did not teach you anything. You write as if only "anonymous others" were guilty. Your words have fallen on fertile soil and you have to bear responsibility for them, just like your colleagues in the Episcopate, "writes Obirek.

Theologian points out that Archbishop Woja can become a" sardine "if" enough courage is enough "." We both know that Polish Catholicism is different and I do not count on your answer, and you will not read this letter, but who knows? ̵

1; says Obirek. And then, "Maybe you don't belong to the priests and bishops who never reach the liberal media." So if this letter reaches you and if you decide to answer me, I am convinced that we will violate any media like this letter when you will be open to you. "

Archbishop's sermon. Wojdy

Rewrite the claim of Archbishop. Wojdy from July 7, Obirek probably adopted a sermon where the metropolis warned of the equality march. The priest claimed that the march" actually favors discrimination against others – those whose conscience sensitive to the social, Christian and moral good and is a place of insult and parody of the content that is of utmost value to believers. "- Given such an attitude, we say a firm no and repeat for Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński & # 39; Non possumus – we cannot agree with it – we cannot let the sacred values ​​be ridiculed for us, and our religious feelings are offended by impunity, let us not be indifferent to this fact! – he said

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