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Long term weather. The heat is back. There will be a group of over 30 degrees

The heat comes back to Poland. It gets warmer every day, and the temperature will soon exceed 30 degrees again. In part of the country, mercury items will show up to 35 beats. It can be so hot even on the Polish coast

. The weather is preparing another warm surprise for us. It's hot, but it's just a preview of what's waiting for us in the next few days. Another warm wave approaches Poland. On Tuesday, the temperature will not exceed 30 bar. The warmest will be in the Lublin region. There in the shade it gets no more than 27 degrees. But with every next day from the west it gets warmer and warmer. And it will reach every end of Poland.

Already on Wednesday the temperature in the western part of the country will jump to 30 degrees . This hot wave will gradually move deep into the country. On Thursday, residents of the western regions will see values ​​exceeding 30 strokes in the shadow of thermometers. 31

degrees will contain in Wrocław and through 33 in Szczecin . But it will also be warm on the other side of Poland, because even in Podlasie, called "Polish cold pole", the thermometers will indicate up to 27 degrees Celsius.

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On Friday we will feel a little warmer wave again. In addition, the sky in almost the whole country will be cloudless. The coldest will be in the east – up to 28 degrees. In the middle already 30, and in the west even 33. The same will be on Saturday. On Sunday, the heat will not forgive. In the west, the temperature will jump again – in places the thermometers come up to 35 lines .

The heat has swept Europe again

It is very hot in our western neighbors. On Tuesday in Germany, thermometers should point to 35 degrees Celsius, for which "Yvonne" is responsible. The air from the Sahara will not leave the country for a few days. On Wednesday, it should be even 38 degrees, and even 40 on Thursday. Almost 40 battles in the shadow are also found in Madrid and Rome.

The heat is still far away in June. Then, not only in Poland (38.2 degrees Celsius in Lubuskie Radzyń), but also in Verargues, France, where the temperature in the shadow was 46 degrees

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