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Leak: A new game with Superman was already created in 2014

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According to information from Tweak Town, the new game was created with Superman starring (with the subtitle Unborn) in 2014, but Warner Bros. canceled it because the engine on which it was based did not allow the creation of appropriate flight mechanics.

  Superman on new generation consoles? - Leak: A new game with Superman was created in 2014 - news - 11/11/2019

Superman on new generation consoles?

It has been a long time since rumors of the new game of Rockstery (creators of the Batman series: Arkham). More than a year ago, a post appeared on the 4Chan website informing that this title would focus on the character of Superman, include Metropolis which is open for exploration, a superhero will face Brainiac in it, and the combat system will include flight. And although we have so far received no confirmation on this topic, other leaks have emerged that seem to confirm earlier rumors and reveal that production was created in 201


  How can a new game look like Superman in the lead role?

What might a new game with Superman look like in the lead role?

According to the service TweakTown five years ago, Warner Bros. studio Games Montreal created a game called Superman: Unborn that eventually didn't see the light of day. Her act was set in Kandor, a city that, according to the comedians, was reduced and kidnapped by Brainiac. However, it was quite a small production, and Superman had limited opportunities. The end of the title ends was interrupted because Warner Bros. he noticed that the game engine (same as in the games in the series Batman: Arkham ) was not suitable for creating the mechanics of flying a superhero. Production should be expected on new generation consoles that realistically reflect Superman's skills (it should be remembered that this superhero can move extremely fast.)

However, the creators took the publisher's attention to heart. It is not known if work on the game is still ongoing or if this project has been completely abandoned. It should also be remembered that at the end of 2018, one of the representatives of the Rocksteady studio said that the new production will not focus on Superman's adventures. It remains to be hoped that his words will prove to be untrue.

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