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Lara Gessler in an undressed session on Warsaw’s streets was upset

Lara Gessler, daughter of Magda Gessler, known from “Kitchen Revolutions”, will soon be a mother. He annoyed some fans with a stripping pregnancy session that took place in the center of Warsaw. She also responded to fan comments.

Lara Gessler this daughter Magdy Gessler, one of the most media restaurants in Poland, well known to TVN viewers from “Kitchen Revolutions”. Like her mother, she decided to devote herself to gastronomy, even though she studied sociology. Apparently, however, she inherited talent, because now she is co-owner of a pastry shop and restaurant and is doing well in the gastronomy market. She also can̵

7;t complain about media popularity, she was invited to “America Express”, where she appeared in 2018.

31-year-old celebrity can’t complain about personal life either. He lives a happy life with his partner Piotr Szeląg, and soon a couple welcomes a descendant of the world. Lara does not let fans forget about the upcoming delivery, and regularly publishes photos with pregnancy belly. We could admire her in many scenes, even daring. But she decided on such controversial photos for the first time. In social media she boasted about the effects of a session where she posed almost naked.

Lara Gessler in a bikini. Magda Gessler’s daughter boasted a pregnant stomach [FOTO]

Lara Gessler naked during pregnancy. A controversial photo shoot

On the profile of Lara Gessler on Instagram there are new photos, the effect of a pregnancy photo session. A session very different from the classic. Lara in the black and white photos poses almost naked and shows not only the stomach, but also breasts, among others. Artistic images do not leave too much imagination, which did not appeal to some Internet users. In their opinion, the restaurateur’s daughter exaggerated.

– Taste is not discussed, but there are certain classes in the class in each woman’s age and condition. Unfortunately, they are missing here. Damage.

– A little exaggerated Mrs. Laro. Sometimes it is better to reveal less – we read in the comments.

But there were voices from people who appreciated the quality and resourcefulness of the session, as did Lara’s appearance. And how do you assess a bold pregnancy?

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