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Lady Gaga appeared nude on Instagram!

Is everything okay with Lady Gaga? The artist's fans are worried about her idol, who recently published very disturbing and bold pictures online. Gaga has always belonged to these daring and has never been afraid to put on even their tights, but the latest pictures confuse many fans! Has the star broken after joining Bradley Cooper and still trying to deal with a broken heart? It doesn't look so good … Look!

Lady Gaga naked in the bathtub

Lady Gaga showed in her social media how her routine swimsuit looks. The singer first baths in a tub full of ice, then pours hot water into it and finally sits in a color full of ice for 20 minutes! The star cares for her body and often decides to take unpleasant treatments. But it doesn't look like everything makes her happy … Fans are very worried about the singer's health!


1; Dear, I hope you are well 🥺

– Are you feeling well?

– Sunshine are you sure?

– I'm very worried about Gaga – we read in the comments.

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Has Lady Gaga broken after "walking" with Bradley Cooper? Let us remind you that the actress dreamed of starting to meet the director. The couple met on the set of the movie "Birth of a star". Cooper and Gaga fell in love, but both were in a relationship then. The artist quickly dumped his hubby, and a few months later and Cooper parted with Irina Shayk. However, he was afraid to get involved in the new relationship. Finally, before the couple began to meet for good, they separated! Is everything okay with her? It doesn't look good … 🙁

Lady Gaga takes a hot and icy bath.

 Lady Gaga in the bathtub

Lady Gaga love water and swimming in the pool when possible.

 Lady Gaga in the pool


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