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Joy colors, section 2059: Pregnant Julita will not notice symptoms of dangerous mother's disease

  Colors of happiness episode 2008. Julita (Katarzyna Sawczuk), Urszula (Bożena Stachura)

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Colors of happiness episode Julita (Katarzyna Sawczuk), Urszula (Bożena Stachura)

Julita (Katarzyna Sawczuk) will be so busy with pregnancy and Jozek (Patryk Pniewski) that the section "Colors of Happiness" will not note Urszula (Bożena Stachura) strange behavior. The girl morale will gradually begin to lose her memory and begin to risk losing her health. What will the heroine of "Colors of Happiness" become sick? What will happen in the series 2059 in the series?

"Happiness colors" episode 2059 ̵
1; Tuesday 7/05/2019, at 20.10 on TVP2

>>> After many passports, Julita and Józek from the series "Colors of Happiness" tried again to enlarge the family <<< . The girl lost her first child as a result of the damage suffered in the arena during the terrorist attack. Then their relationship fell apart. They both had serious depression and blamed themselves for the whole event. Fortunately, their lives have proved to be simple and in love with "Colors of Happiness" ready to become parents.

Salatas wife knows that she should take care of herself, and her mother helps her in everything, but even if they spend a lot of time together, Julita will miss the disturbing symptoms of Urszula anyway. In the 2049 "Colors of Happiness" section, the woman will visit her daughter by interrupting her and Joseph's lazy afternoon.

– Have you come up with this? – Julita will pay attention to her mother's bright dress, insufficient for the weather outside.
– Perhaps it is menopausal hormones …

Julita in the 2049 episode "Colors of Happiness" will accept such a response, especially as Urszula will suggest that he make them a homemade dinner. she will be alone in the apartment and looking for salad cupboards.

In the process of forgetting what she was looking for. Soon after, the hero will go to the store, but according to iatwiat Seriali, on the way back, she will forget the code for the intercom.

Julita's mother sucks in "Colors of happiness" will gradually grow deeper and her daughter will not notice anything. Such symptoms indicate serious illnesses … Will Urszula find out what's wrong with her? Viewers will find out subsequent episodes.

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