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Is the Asahi Dragontrail glass used in Pixel 3a "worse" than Gorilla Glass?

In the latest medium of Google – the Pixel 3a smartphone instead of Gorilla Glass, less known Asahi Dragontrail glass was used. Does this mean that the screen in the above-mentioned effect becomes worse for falling on hard surfaces and meets with sharp edges? Not necessarily.

New pixels 3a and 3a XL made their debut just over a week ago. Well priced devices from Google have included detailed OLED monitors, decent Snapdragon 670 Qulacomm systems, and efficiently photographed night mode. You can read the full technical specification in our separate entry.

The device, although interesting, is negative by many for materials used in it. Instead of glass on the back we have plastic, and the front glass layer is not from Corning. The absence of Gorilla Glass and replacement of that by Asahi Dragontrail does not necessarily mean that it is less resistant to harmful external factors. Let's look at the case.

Asahi Dragontrail in Pixel will handle (almost) as well as Gorilla Glass

Asahi Dragontrail is not a product from nowhere. The brand is on the market since 201

1 and its creations are available in smartphones Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3, Idol 4 Pro, BlackBerry Motion, Galaxy Nexus and in the whole series Xperia Z . Both glasses are made in a similar process with chemical "hardness", resulting in a significant increase in glass resistance to impact and scratches.

Google Pixel 3a doesn't have the latest patches – how about security?

The fourth generation of Gorilla Glass, as Asahi Dragontrail, received an even assessment of Moh's hardness scale . Six points means that we should not be afraid of coins or keys that fall into your pocket, but the sand, whose hardness is set to 7 points, can damage these glasses. (19659008) The main difference between GG and AD is the result of hardness Vickers which defines the possibility of glass deformation until broken. Specifically, the scale determines the probability of survival of pressure, that is, a case. In this field, Asahi Dragontrail (from 595 to 673 points) loses something to Gorilla Glass (from 622 to 701 points).

So we know that both materials generally behave the same way. I think Asahi Dragontrail is much cheaper than a strong marketing product from Corning and it was the price that decided that instead of another glass went to Pixel 3a.


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