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Involved Princess Kate nurtures a garden representing the Royal Horticultural Society (PHOTO)

  Engaged Princess Kate breastfeeding a garden representing the Royal Garden Association (PHOTO)

For eight years of the Princess Kate and Prince William Middleton has learned some of the reliable ways as she the country's constant sympathy and respect for Queen Elizabeth . As Meghan Markle sees in British eyes to be more in vain than the princes [1945900]wisely decided Kate to use her sister's weakness for glitz and luxury. The mother of three children for a long time poses for a modest "girl from the neighborhood" who takes advantage of her position, which helps the poor.

Princess Kate nominated for the Royal Victorian Order. "Well-deserved Difference"

Instead of becoming a group of influential and prominent friends, Kate prefers to participate in social initiatives that allow her to ascend to "the New Valentine's Queen" . In recent months, the Duchess of Cambridge has devoted all his spare time to designing a garden to represent the Royal Horticultural Society at the celebration Chelsea Flower Show 201


Kensington Palace shared photos of Princess Kate absorbed in Garden Design (PHOTO)

Ambitious Kate approached the task assigned to her very seriously and spent long hours at King Henry's Community Garden at Islington for the finest details. The 37-year-old admitted that the special park, whose main idea in the design was the slogan "Back to Nature" ("Return to Nature"), was created primarily for children.

Recently, I realized how important childhood is in life and how it affects our lives – said Kate. I think spending outdoors when we are young plays an important role in growing up. It is important that children become happy and healthy adults.

On the official instagram profile of the palace Kensington appeared a series of pictures where we can admire the dedicated Middleton which is absorbed in garden care. The results of her work will be visible as early as 19459007 this Thursday. Do you like Princess Kate?

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