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Intel may sell its products to Huawei

Intel product sales of Huawei

Intel has been licensed by the US government to further sell some of its products to Huawei. Other companies try to do the same, but may not succeed.

The current crisis on the line USA – Chiny is the worst of its kind in decades, and one of its victims is the company Huawei, accused by the Trump team of spying on behalf of the Chinese government. The manufacturer has lost the ability to buy American products and now the ban also applies to companies outside the US that use American technology. As a result, the new Huaweia smartphones do not have pre-installed services since last year Google Mobile Services, which affects sales of these models outside the Middle East, and now there will be shortcomings related to chipsets (mainly with new Kirin) ..

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On September 1

5 this year, new sanctions from the US government came into force and extended the ban on trade in Huawei to new units. However, they do not apply to the American company Intelwhich received a license that allows it to continue selling its products to the Chinese company. How about the others?

Last week, the Chinese applied for consent to trade with Huawei Minimum wage, which uses American technology for the production of land for Huaweia. The South Korean SK Hynix applied for the same, but – according to unofficial sources – it did not receive a license. In August, he applied for consent to trade with Huawei MediaTek.

As an anonymous interviewee of the agency said Reuters, companies outside the United States may have more difficulty obtaining a license to sell their products to Huawei than U.S. companies, which may particularly affect semiconductor chip manufacturers. These companies develop contingency plans to compensate for the losses due to the US ban, for example by increasing sales to other customers.

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Text source: Reuters

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