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How much does it cost to enter into a notarial deed? We explain

Notarial costs for many are quite incomprehensible. To get to know them carefully, it is worth finding out who the notary public is exactly, what role he plays and what type of notary fees he will charge.

By carefully checking the notary counter, which we can easily find on the internet, we must know that a notary can not charge us at his discretion.

The Minister of Justice’s announcement of January 3, 2018 regarding the publication of a uniform text for the Minister of Justice’s regulation on the maximum rates for notarial fees determines the costs of notarial registration.

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According to the regulation, note costs are calculated as a percentage of the value of the established basis. Therefore, in order to find out how much a notary costs, you must know which basis will be considered in specific cases.

As a basis, we should consider:
– the highest value of the item covered by the exchange agreement;
– the total value of assets covered by a divisional agreement;
– The value of the first payment under the contract, which includes the assignment of land for perpetual right of use (if not the value of the annual fee which is subject to activation is considered as basis).
– the value of the object or rights when the property, perpetual right of use or cooperative ownership of the property is sold, based on an annuity agreement;
– the final value of the auction or bid.
– the value of randomly selected prices;
– The value of cyclical behavior fees for the time specified in the agreement upon signing of the lease or rental agreement.

The maximum cost of a notarial deed is perfectly described in §3 of the regulation:
Ҥ3. The maximum tax rate is based on the value of:
1) Up to 3,000 PLN – 100 PLN;
2) over PLN 3,000 to PLN 10,000 – PLN 100 + 3% from the excess over PLN 3,000;
3) over PLN 10,000 to PLN 30,000 – PLN 310 + 2% from excess PLN 10,000;
4) over PLN 30,000 to PLN 60,000 – PLN 710 + 1% from excess PLN 30,000;
5) over PLN 60,000 to PLN 1,000,000 – PLN 1,010 + 0.4% from an excess of over 60,000 PLN;
6) over PLN 1,000,000 to PLN 2,000,000 – PLN 4,770 + 0.2% from surplus over PLN 1,000,000;
7) above PLN 2,000,000 – PLN 6,770 + 0.15% from the surplus above PLN 20,000,000, but not more than PLN 10,000 – and for transactions between persons belonging to the first tax group within the meaning of the Law of the 28 July 1983 on inheritance tax and donations, maximum PLN 7 500 “.

Given how much a notary costs, it is much easier to prepare for any fees. Notarial fees are lower in other cases:

– the maximum cost of a notarial deed may be half of the amount specified in §3, if, for example, an agreement on the sale of unit rights to the premises is entered into, a development agreement is entered into or an agreement on transfer of ownership or perpetual right of use is signed in the execution of the binding agreement.

– the maximum cost of a notarial deed may be 1/4 of the interest rate provided for in §3, if, for example, a mortgage is set up to secure a bank loan granted for housing, the purchase of a housing or a home or for a company. Also check out this one article on documents when buying an apartment.

– The maximum notary costs are PLN 60 to exclude property or waive the right if the value of the object cannot be determined.

– The maximum notary costs are PLN 80 for the alienation of real estate or perpetual right of use.

If the above regulation of the Minister of Justice is not so clear to us to calculate the cost of entry, we can successfully use a tool to facilitate this type of calculation.

The fee amount for drawing up contracts and documents based on civil law transactions helps us to calculate the notary fee. Just set the suggested parameters to see all user fees.

Most often, notary fee calculators cover such activities as preparing a development agreement, a preliminary contract, donations, a contract for the sale of a home, establishing a mortgage or signing a purchase agreement. As you know, the cost of the notary is calculated on the value of the measures taken. It should also be borne in mind that in the above cases the notarial costs are related to the degree of relationship between the two parties.

For example, to enter into a sale and purchase agreement for real estate worth PLN 200,000. PLN, the notary fee will be PLN 1570 net, application for land and mortgage – PLN 200 net, and extract about PLN 144 net. Therefore, all notary expenses will amount to approximately 1914 PLN after tax.

When rewriting a donation of the same value, the notary fee will also be PLN 1,570 net. Other notary fees will also remain unchanged. To prepare a development agreement worth PLN 200,000 PLN, the cost of notary registration is PLN 785 net. Other notary costs are: application for land and mortgage register of PLN 200 net and extract of about PLN 120 net. In the end, the notary public collects PLN 1105 net after tax.

As you can see, this is a useful tool that says how much a notary costs. Thanks to this, many will be able to prepare to fulfill financial formalities. After all, notary fees are not among the lowest.

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