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Horror at the "Captive" set. TVP star buried alive!

"Captivity" buried alive! . / photo: Prt Sc TVP

Soon the second season of the Ukrainian costume series "Captive" ends, which makes a real sensation in Poland. At the same time, it turns out that Katerina Kowalczuk even lets herself be buried alive while filming the episodes.

"Captive" is a real hit by TVP. The Ukrainian production series is broadcast almost every day (except Thursdays) and has great popularity. His biggest star is Katerina Kowalczuk, who recently visited Poland.

In Poland, the last episode aired on August 30, and the most-watched episodes were watched by record-breaking over 3 million people.

Interestingly, Poland is the first country where you can watch the second season of the series, and this is due to its huge popularity. We will even run over Ukrainian TV, which will premiere episodes a month later than TVP.

Working during the series was not the easiest. Katerina Kowalczuk was even buried alive for a better effect! As you can see, the engagement was appreciated by Polish viewers.

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