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Godlewska sings the Polish national song again. You look at your own risk, it cannot be seen

The controversial disco-polo star won't let you forget yourself. Like last year, Małgorzata Godlewska decided to celebrate Independence Day. Her performance of the Polish national anthem is shocking and, according to Internet users, does not differ from last year's vocal show of a celebrity.

Polish anthem in the disco-polo version? Something that sounds like heresy becomes an annual tradition put forward by Małgorzata Godlewska, who, just as a year ago, decided to carry out her interpretation of the psalm. This time, however, she did it without her sister, with whom she is fighting, but the effect is not better.

The controversial disco-polo star is amazing. Godlewska sings the Polish national song again

Małgorzata Godlewska is a person who regularly publishes his music. The star loves to comment on reality and refers to traditions and holidays with songs. Such a situation took place even during Christmas two years ago, but also before the performance of The Rolling Stones in Warsaw. This time took the star "Mazurek Dąbrowski" which she and her sister performed last year.


1; I'm Polish and I'm proud of it! Are you ready for Poland's Independence Day? Let's celebrate them together without artificial divisions – a celebrity wrote during her publication.

Because of a quarrel with Esmeralda, this time Małgorzata sang a solo. According to fans, this did not improve the quality of the performance, and many believe that the artist simply blanked out the most important state song.


Godlewska on the lips throughout Poland

Performs an anthem in rather dirty and kitschy aesthetics where Godlewska likes, did not convince his fans, and even led the explosion of a pretty big rage.

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– When did you start your story or study with singing? Because I personally think that a day ago, because you sing like a preschooler and you can't afford anything better – wrote one of the critical internet users

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