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G7: Donald Trump after talks with European leaders

US President Donald Trump, who was at the G7 Summit in Biarritz, expressed his satisfaction with Sunday lunch with France's President Emmanuel Macron and meetings with group leaders. He praised France for organizing the meeting and criticizing the media. During the summit, US President and European Council President Donald Tusk presented a completely different approach to the issue of inviting Russia to the next deliberations.

"France and President Emmanuel Macron do a good job at that very important G7 summit at the moment, "Trump wrote Saturday night through Sunday.

"Lunch with Emmanuel was the best meeting we have had so far. Similarly, the evening meeting with world leaders went very well. We are making progress!" – added the US President.

Before fleeing to the summit on Friday, Trump threatened to impose tariffs on wines imported from France, which would be a response to the proposal to introduce a digital tax in France for US technology companies, the so-called GAFA tax. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple).

The French diplomat quoted by the AP Bureau said that during a two-hour work lunch with Trump on Saturday, Macron tried to reduce the tension escalated in relation to GAFA-tax; the French head of state would assure the US leader that this solution was not an anti-American step and said it was necessary for every country to impose taxes on digital activities. According to the diplomat with whom the AP spoke, Macron stressed that there was no link between digital taxes and wine taxes, and convinced Trump that it was not worth starting a trade war on this issue.

Later, in a series of tweets written on Sunday morning, Trump criticized the media for summit publications. "Before my arrival in France, false and repulsive information seemed to be very tense with the six other countries in the G7 and that these two days of meetings will be a disaster" – reads in Trump's tweet.

The President wrote that the authors of such publications want to force a recession and do everything to prevent his re-election.

"And we have very good meetings, leaders do very well" – assured the US President.

According to Trump, the current reports on the meeting in Biarritz are "Inaccurate and Inaccurate"

US President Donald Trump stated on Sunday during the G7 summit that it is possible that he would invite Russia to next year's meeting with this group. The United States will host the 2020 summit. Russia was removed from the group following the annexation of Crimea.

He is considering inviting Russian President Vladimir Putin to next year's summit, Trump said at breakfast with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Biarritz, France, according to the AP.

Reuters reported that the US president revealed that the leaders were talking about Putin, but that he did not know whether Russia would be reintegrated into the G7.

Although Trump is about to return to the G8 format, or G7 with Russia, most G7 countries are opposed to this .in. France, Germany, the United Kingdom or Canada. In their view, it is first necessary for Moscow to comply with the Minsk Agreements on the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

On the Saturday before the summit, European Council President Donald Tusk announced that he would try to convince leaders that Ukraine would be better invited to the next summit than Russia

Tusk recalled that a year ago Trump proposed "inviting Russia to the G7 again , and publicly stated that Russia's annexation of Crimea was partly justified and that we should accept this fact. " "Under no circumstances can we accept this logic," said the President of the European Council.

He emphasized, among other things, that the reasons why Russia was removed from the group of the most economically developed countries in the world in 2014 "are still valid."

At a Sunday meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Donald Trump said that the United States could quickly conclude a trade agreement with the United Kingdom and that it would be a very broad agreement.

At a joint breakfast with leaders, which was their first meeting, Trump announced that the trade agreement between the two countries would be very serious.

Asked if he had any advice for Johnson on Brexit, he replied: "He does not need advice, he is the right man for this task."

The British Prime Minister he said the two countries would "enter into a fantastic trade agreement once the obstacles have been removed," and said the US market was a huge opportunity for his country. However, he reserved that talks with the Americans about the trade agreement would be difficult.

The summit in Biarritz began on Saturday and will last until Monday. The leaders of the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada and the European Union participate in it. Leaders talk about challenges in the economy, foreign policy and environmental protection, and the theme of the summit is to fight inequalities.

Prior to the meeting, European Council President Donald Tusk considered it to be "extremely difficult" and called "a difficult test of unity and solidarity." After a year in which it was difficult for these countries to find a common language.

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