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From Krakow to Warsaw for hours? Polish Hyperloop accelerates. They got 16 million from the NCBiR

– UDAO SI? We have received funding of 16.5 million from the National Center for Research and Development in the Szybka cieka competition. In addition, we have so far accumulated over one million zlotys in the crowdfunding campaign on the British Seedrs platform, says Hyper Poland on its Facebook profile

. is carried out in cooperation with the State Railways Institute. In the Migrodz pod Wrocawiem, at the Institute's premises, a prototype of the vehicle will be built and a track with a length of over 500 meters, where a special vehicle built by Hyper Poland will be foggy up to 300 km / h.

– In addition, we will buy the necessary equipment and We will increase our team with outstanding specialists. The subsidy will allow us to complete the research and development of the drive system and the abolition of the stomach rail system, as well as the transition to certification and pilot implementation, "says Przemyslaw Pczek, CEO of Hyper Poland.

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This is not a simple hyperloop

Hyperloop technology and thus a transport system where ultra-fast vehicles run on special magnetic pads within tunnels, where The pressure was lowered, many large companies are now interested, as are dozens of start-ups. Against them, the idea is that Hyper Poland, a company founded by groups of engineers from the Warsaw Polytechnic, looks very promising.

The company develops unique technology that enables the use of common tracks and railway lines for the needs of high speed magnetic rail ̵

1; Maglev. Genius's idea, because the biggest drawbacks of the hyperloop technique are the huge cost of building their new tracks. If some of the existing railway infrastructure could be used here, these expenses could be significant

Three-step development [1945900] [1965900] Hyper Poland wants to develop its magnetic future rail in three steps. In the first railway station he intends to add special magnetic rails – this means that he will be able to drive the new generation of vehicles that levitate over the tracks at speeds up to 300 km / h. T technology Hyper Poland is called magrail.

The second stage of its development is hyperrail – the railway routes are covered here with a special construction. This creates tunnels where the air pressure is lowered – this solution accelerates magnetic carriages to speeds of 600 km per hour

And at the end of this modernization, tunnel paths for the railways are built from the beginning (with even more reduced air pressure) its maximum speed is even 1200 km / h. This is already a "classic" hyperlink.

Since everything is going well, it will happen over several quarters that the test track Magrail will be created. Then, in the period 2-4 years, perhaps the modernization of a not too long, but already existing, railway road to this standard begins. The passenger connection using the magnetic railway at Krakow's Warsaw is the next future – more like the 30's or the 40's of the 20th century.

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