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France: EP elections can be the rebirth of classical law

According to observers, a right-wing Republicans (LR) lead a very good campaign before the European Parliament elections, which promises the party's recovery after the defeat of the last presidential election in France.

European Parliament in Strasbourg


If you believe in the polls, in the election to the European Parliament LR by 14%. The voting rights are far behind the extremely right National Union (RN) Marine Le Pen (former national front) and the president's LREM party. However, observers point out that this is a much better result than at the beginning of the campaign, when the Republicans seemed to be condemned to be non-existent, as did the socialist party they had exchanged governments for decades.

Socialists who are oppressed so that they put Raphael Glucksmann, a journalist who is not part of their party, in their head, the result is less than 5%, which is below the election limit. While LR, leading to the election, conservative Francois-Xavier Bellamy, a little known young (33 years old), managed to silence internal disputes and it seems like attracting some voters who voted in Le Pen or President Emmanuel in 2017 Macrona.

Republicans in the election campaign call for mastering immigration trend and reducing public spending. Bellamy presented topics such as the defense force of European civilization and its Christian roots at the forefront of the debate.

Initially, commentators recognized the first place on Bellamy's LR list as a mistake. They were convinced that in secular France, where the majority of society does not care about gay marriage and the right to in vitro fertilization for such couples, a philosopher who strongly opposes these practices must be rejected.

From the outset, Bellamy stressed that his views do not constitute a political program, and although they do not agree on abortion at any request, they do not require changes to French law.

It turns out – as the Foundation's president told them. Robert Schuman Jean-Dominique Giuliani – The link with Christian values, which is not reflected in most French parliamentary elections, remains the basis of their mentality.

Bellamy reiterates that "Marine Le Pen wants to defeat Emmanuel Macron, Emmanuel Macron wants to defeat Marine Le Pen, and we want to respond to frenzy's concern." In his view, these concerns are a derivative of "unlimited globalization" and uncontrolled immigration.

The head of the Schengen Cathedral at the University of Nantes, Yves Pascouau, notes in the daily Le Monde that immigration, RN, LR and LREM programs are very similar, with the difference that the Le Pen Party brutally presents its program, and LR expects the requirements for European ethics and regulations.

On the other hand, according to Pascouau, the Macron Party is characterized by the greatest hesitation, since it does not cease to speak of humanitarian obligations and necessary European solidarity on this issue. At the same time (like LR and RN-PAP), in order to meet voters who want to strengthen border controls, they urge reform of Schengen agreements, establish centers for accepting asylum applications outside the EU and distinguish between economic migrants and

Observers recall that polls before The election to the European Parliament was often unreliable in France. In 2009, one week before the vote, Zielona announced support of 8 percent. After the election it turned out that they got over 16 percent. – commented on the current issue of the green list of Yannick Jadot.

The daily Le Figaro commentary Guillaume Tabard wrote that although the court will not get a better result in the election than the Republicans third place in the polls, the current campaign to reconcile conflict factions and leaders has improved "the morale of the activist and the desire to combat deputies and members ". And it is counted in the party that has been divided into genes for decades, and this image of recycled entity will be very valuable in the new chapter "which will be opened after election.

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