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every vote counts. Each! Each! And there are no excuses. My last five comments

Almost everything has been said in recent weeks. In summary, I write five comments just before the vote.

1st It was a dirty, dishonest against Andrzej Duda campaign for the Third Polish Republic. If Trzaskowski’s camp wins, lies, deceit, manipulation will win.

2nd This is a one way ticket. The chance that the propulsive camp is facing – further march on the road to the greatness of Poland – may not be repeated during this generation. Anyone who falls asleep, even lazy or left out, will blow our homeland.

3rd These choices are about fundamental issues: the candidates’ attitude to the Polish state, national property and Christian values ​​is the opposite. There are no (unfortunately) midtones.

4th The billions, hundreds of billions that the Poles have regained in recent years are not given forever. Someone had them before. Someone therefore threw such resources into this campaign to be able to rob Poles again. That exodus would be the only way to improve destiny. That you can pay people a thousand again and have them kiss their hands ̵

1; because that was the case anyway.

5th Let’s postpone the polls. Let’s turn off the computers. Let’s turn the TV off. The truth is obvious: two strong political camps are facing each other. The third polish and the polish. Every vote will count. Each! Each. This is the most important thing. And there are no excuses.

Our ancestors have to pay with blood for the opportunity to only dream of a strong, developing and effective pursuit of the best, honest Poland. All we need is electoral mobilization.

We can do it?

PS. You have seen in recent weeks what has driven some hypocritical media to the propulsive camp, which abominations were used. Where would we all be, what would have happened if it were not for the media you are reading now, created with great effort, without rotten compromises, with love for the homeland? That is why I ask for a subscription on the network every week. This is the best help for us. This can be done quickly and effectively even in rolling silence.


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