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Eurovision 2019: Greece proclaimed after receiving 12 points

Regarding Eurovision, one can be sure: Greece and Cyprus are maximizing. This year the tradition was made, but it was not without controversy.

This year Greece was represented by Katerine Duska, who sang the song "Better Love" in the final. The show was very popular.

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But the audience in Tel Aviv was not happy when Greece received 12 points from Cyprus. When the result of the vote was announced, a whispering humming sounded through the audience.

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We can talk about a real shock. Why? Since Greece and Cyprus have always awarded the maximum number of points. It doesn't matter how bad or perfect the performance each country can count on each other. Such a tradition, such local politics.

This year Greece voted for Cyprus. But this time, the audience reaction in Tel Aviv was simply a moment of silence. The audience's response to giving Greece a maximum of Cyprus was ignored by the leading show. No one referred her in any way.

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