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Czech Republic. Puma goes against Poland

As reported by Czech media, puma, which is seen in mid-June in the southern part of the country, is on its way. A predator was discovered in the Wysoczyn region, about 100 kilometers north of the first place of his stay. This means that he is traveling to Poland.

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Puma, which was observed in mid-June in the south Czech Republic moves – Idnesportalen wrote on Tuesday. The predator was seen in Wyswiej, about 100 kilometers north of the place where it was first set.

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According to the portal, puma was seen Saturday in the village iveliv in Wysoczyn's country, on Sunday it was farther southeast in the reserve Żdarskie Wierchy. There were three independent data about the animal from nearby cities. Puma "disappears in fog" was seen by a woman. Police officers have decided that they cannot determine if the traces they found are evidence of the existence of a predator

The police call caution

The police and local authorities have requested caution and do not approach the animal and for emergency contact. Residents, who are not many in the skidarski Wierchów area, were informed of the danger by telephone, SMS and rural radio.

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Media wrote that The first information on the appearance of a predator in the southern Czech Republic comes from mid-April, but the authorities warned only three weeks ago . It is not known how an animal was at large. The police checked that it could not get away from any known breeding authority.

Specialists believe that the movement of predators is not something extraordinary

– It behaves when looking for territory for itself – told director director of zoological garden in Jihlava Jan Vaszak. In his opinion, Puma can cope with freedom, as evidenced by her wandering.

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On Saturday, the head of the eneliv municipality, Miroslav Buniata saw her, allowed him to approach her and later flee. Buniata is a hunter, he knows animals and is convinced that he has not misguided puma for any species living in nearby forests and fields.

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