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Correspondent for the Vatican: John Paul II was convinced that many instances of pedophilia in the church were invented

After the famous premiere of the Sekielski brothers, John Paul II is often shown on the Internet as a break that hid the pedophile in the church. Now, the Polish Pope has defended the Vatican correspondent

. John Paul II is occupied by many people as a true model, both as an ordinary man and as a believer. His pontifat for some of the believers is especially special and warm remembered. But not everyone has this attitude to the late pope. Particularly now that the general discussion of the pedophilia of the Catholic Church was as never before, there is clear criticism of Karol Wojtyła.

The Pope is accused of deliberately sweeping under the math pedophile crimes, which he must know well and be informed by his colleagues. But a Vatican correspondent claims that John Paul II was used by his entourage.

John Paul II did not know about pedophilia in the church?

Marek Lehnert was the editor of the Polish edition of the Vatican State "Osservatore Romano" and also the function of the Vatican correspondent for the Polish Radio Free Europe radio station and in recent years by the Polish radio.

In an interview for Polish media, Lehner commented on the votes that John Paul II deliberately hid the pedophile crimes in the church. According to the journalist, the Pope does not realize how great this shameful exercise was and because of his immense and sometimes naive beliefs he did not believe that all reports were true at all.


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1; I think Karol Wojtyła took it from Poland and he was also convinced that the struggle with the church also included denying people in the church. I think he thought many of these cases had been established. So he didn't realize the seriousness of the problem. He was, and should be clearly emphasized, a man of great faith. Unfortunately, a great faith is bordering on credibility. He trusted people – Marek Lehnert said.

In addition, the journalist noted that at the beginning of his pontifat, the Pope abstained from the rule of the earth over the Church as an institution in favor of Cardinal Agostino Casaroli. Lehner also pointed out that the Vatican State officials used the Pope's disease to their advantage and thus they could cover some of the issues.

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