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Coronavirus in Poland. New cases of infection and death – July 11

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health informed about 305 new confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection and the death of six people. A total of 37 521 people were infected in Poland, of whom 1,588 died.

On Friday, the Ministry of Health announced 305 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. Most of them are about Voląskie Voivodeship, where 77 infections were registered.

Other infections apply to the following voivodships: Małopolskie (53), Mazowieckie (45), Wielkopolskie (43), dódzkie (34), Lubelskie (1

4), Podkarpackie (9), Opolskie (8), Lubuskie (6) and Pomorskie (4) , West Pomerania (4), Warmian-Masurian (2), Kuyavian-Pomeranian (2), Lower Schlesian (2) and Podlasie (2).


The number of new cases is higher than on Friday, when 265 new cases were registered and higher than on Thursday, when 262 infections were reported.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health also reported six people aged 64 to 86 years. All people had comorbidities.

A total of 37 521 people were infected in Poland, of whom 1,588 died.

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How many have recovered, how many in quarantine?

Earlier on Saturday, the Ministry of Health provided the latest information in its daily “coronavirus report.” It shows that:

– 86,915 people are in quarantine, – 10,045 people are subject to epidemiological surveillance, – 1,617 “COVID-19 beds” in hospitals are occupied, – 67 respirators are used, – 26,635 people have recovered.

“Data from 9.07 on persons subject to sanitation and epidemiological surveillance were overestimated due to an incorrect number in the WSEZ report in Poznań. On 9.07 the number of persons should be 10,565” – informed the Ministry of Health on Twitter.

Brasa in Lubusz Voivodeship

The nursing home in Jordanów (Lubuskie) was closed by the corona virus. 80 adults live at the Department of Mental Illness, the infection was confirmed in 9 of them and in 20 employees. – The biggest problem is the lack of a sufficient number of employees needed for care, we appeal for the help of volunteers – asks Zbigniew Szumski, ostwiebodziński star cheese.

This is the first outbreak of this type of coronavirus in Lubuskie Province. – Infections were confirmed at the nursing home in Jordanów (iewiebodziński poviat), the virus was detected in 20 employees and nine residents – spokeswoman Aleksandra Chmielińska-Ciepły, Lubusky’s voivod, said on Friday.

An appeal to blood donors

During the holiday season, the blood supply and its components in our country will decrease. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is especially necessary. The blood donation and blood treatment center appeals to honorary blood donors and all healthy persons who have not recently traveled to other countries and have not had contact with a person infected with the virus or quarantine, to donate blood at one of the blood donation centers in Poland (regardless of where they live )).

At present, all blood groups are needed.

The fourth step to loosen the restrictions

In Poland, the fourth step in reducing the restrictions associated with the ongoing epidemic situation in our country lasts from 30 May. In an open space it is mandatory to keep a distance of two meters, but without having to cover the mouth and nose. In shops, offices, restaurants, there are no restrictions on the number of people depending on the surface of the premises, but you have to cover your mouth and nose.

From May 31, the boundaries of believers ceased to apply in churches, and outdoor gatherings of up to 150 people were allowed. From June 6, cinemas, theaters, massage parlors, tanning salons, gyms and fitness clubs can be opened.

The source of the main photo: PAP / Leszek Szymański

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