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Commercial Sundays. Will the stores be open on July 12?

On Sunday, July 12, you will not buy – the stores will be closed. Only facilities with owners behind the counter can be opened.

The stores still have hygienic requirements: masks and access to disposable gloves and disinfectants.

In accordance with the Trade Restriction Act on Sunday, 2020, the trade ban will not apply only on the last Sunday in August and on the following two Sundays before Christmas.

The law prescribes a catalog with 32 exceptions. The prohibition does not apply, inter alia, to patisseries, ice cream parlors, floating gas stations, florists, press shops and cafes.

For breaking the ban on Sunday, there is a fine of PLN 1,000. PLN up to 100 thousand PLN, and if persistent violations of the law – a penalty for restriction of liberty.

In connection with the coronavirus epidemic in mid-March this year. The shopping gallery’s activities have been limited. Only grocery stores and pharmacies were open, as well as laundry, pharmacies and pharmacies. Then restrictions were placed on the number of customers in branches. Stores have also been introduced to provide customers with hand sanitizer and disposable gloves before entering.

As of May 30, as part of the introduction of subsequent steps to defrost the economy, the government abolished the boundaries of customers in stores and galleries. However, there is still a requirement to wear masks and to provide disposable gloves and disinfectants to customers.

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