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Boris Johnson's government lost its majority in the Lower House

The Conservative Party's Philip Lee left this group on Tuesday, joining the pro-European Liberal Democrats and robbing Boris Johnson of a parliamentary majority – just before key votes on Brexit. Photo Emotions of the British Parliament / UK PARLIAMENTARY RECORDING UNIT / 1945 19659006] In accordance with the parliamentary convention, Lee went to the other side of the Commons House, …

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Google, Facebook and Amazon would pay taxes in Poland. But they do not pay. Mike Pence got what he wanted

Vice President Mike Pence during a visit to Poland – during a joint press conference with President Andrzej Duda – said that the United States "was deeply grateful to accept the Polish government's rejection of the digital tax proposal. He added that this idea" could have hindered trade "between Poland and the United States. On the question on TVN24 of …

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Belgia. Explosion w Antwerpii. Zawaliło się kilka budynków

Photo: Google Maps / tvn24.pl                                              |                                                                      Video: Google Earth                                                            Explosion doszlo w dzielnicy Wilrijk na południowych przedmieściach Antwerpii W wyniku explosie na południowych przedmieściach Antwerpii w północnej Belgii zawaliło się kilka domów. Na miejscu pracują służby ratunkowe. Burmistrz miasta przekazał, że do tragedii doszło w wyniku wybuchu gazu.                  Belgieskie służby poinformowały, że kilka budynków obróciło się w …

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A 2019 magnetic storm is approaching the earth. When are you in Poland?

The Russian X-ray laboratory for the sun reported a magnetic storm approaching the earth. The effects can be felt in late September. Want to know everything first? Join the Radio ZET Newsgroup on Facebook A magnetic storm of G2 (medium strength) can hit Earth September 27-28. According to Sputnik Polska, a class G1 magnetic storm was registered on September 2. …

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Power is not afraid of expensive parsley, because people can afford it

All reasonable economists say that it is good when prices rise. Of course, if they grow moderately, not fast. According to the widely accepted view, low inflation is as important for the economy as oil for lubricating an internal combustion engine. Everything is going better. Another economist's wife may have a different opinion when she goes to the grocery store. …

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Debbie Stevens drowned in her own car and talked to the sender

– Please help me. I don't want to die – you can hear Stevens say when the water falls into her vehicle. – You won't die – wait a minute – says Reneau. – I understand you're scared, but I can't do anything sitting on the chair so you have to hold on and I'll send you someone, okay? – …

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