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Magdalena Lamparska, visa or in the Vatican, and her dress gave. The latest pictures show that they were … aversion

Magdalena Lamparska, a few days ago, would like to praise or participate in the Vatican. Bartek Osumka, for whom Lamparska is higher, is her long-term partner. Magdalena Lamparska in a dress from Viola Piekut On Instagram, Magdalena Lamparska showed pictures from the wedding ceremony. The photos are beautiful and arouse the users' admiration. However, none of them can be seen …

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"Caput mundi" to? Poznaj odpowied¼ na pytanie z "Milionerów"

Prawidłowa odpowiedź na pytanie o "caput mundi" dawała wygraną 20 tysięcy złotych. "Caput mundi" to? A. stolica świata B. koniec świata C. koniec mundialu D. koniec igrzysk "Caput mundi" to? Odpowiedź na pytanie z "Milionerów" Uczestnik był bardzo pewny swojej odpowiedzi. Pamiętał, which means "mundi" to the caterpillar of the "caput" oznacza koniec, which is zaznaczył odpowiedź B. Okazało się …

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Majka Jeżowska trials with aesthetic medicine. The 59-year-old star looks better than at the beginning of his career

Majka Jeżowska in 2019 Majka Jeżowska has been to the music venue since 1979, although she recorded the first album "Jag ska til verden" – first 1981. Not everyone remembers, but the vocalist started his career as Maria Jeżowska . On the occasion of the artistic jubilee, Jeżowska will perform this year at the festival in Opole. It was on …

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Monika Miller in the new edition of "Taca z Gwiazdami"? "She is one of the forerunners to win." Her grandfather comments: Bd supporters

Monika Miller soon gets more and more new devotees. All thanks to the problem of "Tray with the Stars", when the grandson of the former prime minister, Leszek Miller, will appear in the new release of this Polsat dance show. When you find out "Super Express", Monika goes "well, she will definitely be one of the pretenders to win". Monika …

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The recording of Father Kate and Prince William was upset by animal rights. "There is nothing wonderful about torturing an animal"

Ksina Kate and Prince William visited Deepdale Hall in Cumbria. Three generations of the Brownw family breed there, and Kate and William helped them on the farm for a short time. One of the tasks was to keep the sheep. The accounts of the visit were included in social media, where they expressed their dissatisfaction with animal rights. They did …

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Jessica Biel spoke on the side of anti-vaccination

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake will not vaccinate their children. What's more, the actress became involved in a controversial social act. Recently, Robert F. Kennedy appeared at the State Assembly in California and found that vaccines are dangerous to children. He was then accompanied by Jessica Biel. The duo lobbied against the state bill in California, which would limit medical …

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