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Busko Zdroj. Attack of the cutter. The 33-year-old heard claims

The murder charge was heard on Sunday by a 33-year-old man who attacked a police officer with a knife in front of a shop in Busko-Zdroj – a spokesman for the District Prosecutor Office in Kielce, Daniel Prokopowicz, told TVN24 and TVP Info reporters .

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Two police officers from Busko-Zdroj (Świętokrzyskie) were attacked during a Saturday action in front of one of the local supermarkets. During the fight, one of the police officers was supported twice in the back and the other cut one hand. Two men were imprisoned because of the case. One of the prisoners is a city bus.

The attack of a thyroid in Busko-Zdrój

The 33-year-old heard two accusations. The first is the responsibility of attempting to kill a police officer, making an active attack on that officer, influencing the official activity and causing him harm. The second fee is related to insulting another officer during and in connection with the execution of service assignments.

The suspect did not confirm and used the right to refuse to testify

Spokesman for the Kielce Prosecutor's Office

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The police's Saturday action in Busko-Zdrój was linked to the notification that someone was threatening the knife with the deal. As explained by the PAP, a police patrol took a press police by the police headquarters in Busko-Zdrój, Tomasz Piwowarski, the site. Two officers found the 37-year-old in front of the store. "When this man was introduced to the store, the other 32-year-old came out, he first attacked the police, then he started shooting them. Under this man's inability, he took out a knife and pushed twice one of the police back. just the skin "- reported Piwowarski.

Both men were imprisoned. The 33-year-old resides in Busko, and the 37-year-old is from Kielce. According to the information provided by the police, the younger beginner was sober and the elder had 1.6 percent of the alcohol in his blood.

The police confirmed that one of the prisoners is a city council but does not provide their personal data.


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