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Bold words from the founder of Huawei. Ren Zhengfei appreciates the Apple ecosystem

For a time a spark between the United States and China. The trade war between the only major powers is the devastating technology industry, and Huawei seems to be growing its main victim. Many influential Chinese suggest that they start a boycott of US units in the remake. Against this background, Huawei's founder is meaningfully interesting.

It should begin with recommending good, but competitive solutions are not – in my subjective opinion – something bad . In a certain way, it proves the example. However, it seems that Ren Zhengfei chose a pretty bad moment to appreciate the Tim Cook company, which has long been trying to exist in the Middle East. Many influential Chinese people encourage us to choose devices from Huawei and recommend solutions.

We have to come back to the thread I started in the previous paragraph. Formally, Zhengfei did not say anything bad. In an interview he stated that:

iPhone has a good ecosystem, and when my family is abroad I still buy iPhones. So you can't believe that the love of Huawei has to mean love for Huawei's phones.

This proverb probably means you can always be sympathetic or even love for your domestic brand, but you can't underestimate the opponents too, features that fit their devices. I would not be surprised if this comment could be seen as an attempt to resolve the dispute which is still happening at much higher levels.

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It is also worth remembering that Apple is partly dependent on China, where Tim Cook's subcontractors, such as Foxconn, still have most of its machining capacity. Of course, the company has for some time opened production lines in the neighboring country, but the time and money to invest must play a key role here. I cannot deny that with great curiosity I follow the subsequent chapters of the trade war between China and the United States. It is good to know that throughout this machine full of emotions there are also people who are just sober and can comment on things with the right distance.

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