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Bill Gates on Microsoft and Android competition: You were my biggest mistake in history

Bill Gates talked a little about his work as head of Microsoft during a meeting with Village Global. He also acknowledged what he thought was the biggest defeat in his career.

It was Google who won the fight for the smartphone market

The former chief of Microsoft found that the biggest mistake lost the fight against Google in the mobile operating market. Microsoft missed the hot period of smartphone development and made room for Android in this area. Meanwhile, the company was still a leading supplier of software for computers and had a good chance that Windows would be today on any smartphone that was not manufactured by Apple.

My biggest mistake in history was generally poor management, which made it Microsoft not today what Android is. This is a standard platform for smartphones not manufactured by Apple. And the natural sequence was that Microsoft would win


1; says Bill Gates.

The former CEO of Redmond has confirmed what has been known for several years. Microsoft "slept" when he had a chance to win. This Android became popular, while Windows Phone did quite poorly on the market.

"It's really the winner who takes everything"

The biggest drawback of the system that complained was the lack of a comprehensive application database straight from iOS and Android. Developers were reluctant to create software for a small popular platform, which was necessary for the development of the mobile system.

The popularization of the operating system is extremely difficult. In these markets, the winner takes everything. If you are on it with half of the app (available on Android – editorial note) or with 90% application, you are on the last straight line to defeat. The space is for an operating system without Apple. And how much is it worth? $ 400 billion is in M ​​(Microsoft – editorial report) and not from G (Google – ed.)

– Gates translated during the interview.

No software turned out to be the ultimate winner of the Windows Phone coffin. The development of the application database did not even help finance the developers – admitted a year ago Joe Belfior, considered a "father" to the Polish army. After several years of testing, at the end of 2017, Microsoft announced itself that the system was being developed. Today, Windows Phone accounts for 0.07 percent of the operating system market, according to NetMarketShare.

Gates is one of the richest people in the world

Bill Gates was founded Micro Soft (later renamed Microsoft) along with Paul Allen in 1975. He has been in charge of it for about three decades. He finally left Microsoft in 2008 to handle charity activities.

Today he is a member of the board and has a large share of shares. According to Forbes ranking, he is now the second richest man in the world with an asset of $ 96.5 billion.

The entire interview with Bill Gates can be seen on the Village Global account on YouTube:

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