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"Ball in the power of the Russian oligarch"

The popular German satirist Jan Boehmermann was aware of the contents of the recording a month ago, where the Austrian Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache talks about financial support from Russia in exchange for political benefits before the 2017 election. This information was confirmed by Boehmermann's chief Peter Burtz. However, he denied that someone offered a satirical video material. Burtz added that he did not know where Boehmermann knew the contents of this recording

"I am in the power of the Russian oligarch"

Already in mid-April this year. During the award of the Austrian TV prize to Rome, the German satirist made remarks on the Ibiza corruption scandal. In the video, he said he cannot collect the prize personally, because "he is completely firm and influenced by Red Bull, he plays with business partners from FPOe in the volleyball in the Russian oligarch in Ibiza." He negotiates how he could take over the Crown Zeitung, but he can't talk about it.

Austrian media criticized Boehmermann's performance and accused him of destroying the Austrian government

"Ibiza gate" and resignation

On Friday evening (1

7/05/2019) The German daily "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" (" SZ ") and the newspaper" Der Spiegel "reported a secretly recorded video, which shows that Strache offered political services in exchange for Russian money before the 2017 parliamentary election.

In the case of the FPOe's entry into the government, the future chancellor promised a woman, nominated as a representative of the Russian oligarch, government orders in exchange for help in the election campaign. The woman suggested that she could invest several hundred million euros in "unknown origin" in Austria. She was interested in, among other things, shares in the largest Austrian boulevard "Kronen Zeitung". After her takeover, she planned to change the magazine line to support the FPOe election campaign.

As a result of the scandal, the headmaster of Austria and the Austrian Freedom Party (FPO) resigned. The resignation was also submitted by the head of the FPOe parliamentary club in the Austrian parliament Johann Gudenus, who participated in the conversation in Ibiza

German media and recordings

The recording from Ibiza was given to the German daily SZ and later to the newspaper Der Spiegel. Both editors, because of source protection, do not tell who gave them the material. Journalist Leila Al-Serori from "SZ" admitted that the magazine had already received an offer with the recording for months. A few weeks ago, the material was handed over to the pendrive at an abandoned hotel. The daily Die Welt reports that the editors did not pay for the recording received.

Al-Serori told the Austrian TV station ORF that the recordings were also offered to Boehmerman, but he did not want to collect additional information on this subject.

"Neo Magazin Royal" on the threshold of the corruption scandal, Boehmermann also mentioned the planned press reports. "It may happen that tomorrow in Austria will run," he said.

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