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Attention Bank Pekao customers. Don't open such messages because they will clear your accounts! [23.07.2019]

Thieves want to steal money from Bank Peko's customers' accounts, so they send links to a fake page in e-mail. Before the attack warns the bank and the portal Niebezpiecznik, who deals with mine. Such scams.

The attack began in May. "For the mail posts to the poles (not just the bank's customers), false e-mails distinguishing Pekao, which they rarely encountered classic phishing scams, have been sent out," reports Niebezpiecznik.

Fake emails informing about blocking access to the account. Correspondence is sent from a mailbox pretending to be beaten. Please do not click on the links in such emails – the bank's press office appeals.

The message is in English. The link looks correct, but the entire content of the email is a picture which, after clicking it, transfers the victim to subsequent pages, and finally to the counterfeit bank website. There are, among other things, inquiries such as: login, password, phone number ̵

1; experts on the website Niebezpiecznik.pl explain

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Be careful, no one from this bank sends such emails

"The purpose of this attack is to capture the information required to log in by criminals and to persuade you to install malicious code on your cell phone. software can allow cyber criminals to gain full control over the device, including redirection of conversations or text messages, "says Bank Pekao.


  • the bank does not send email with information on account blocking and login request to electronic bank,
  • the bank never requests a full password when logging into electronic banking services,
  • should not be used to log in links that are included in e-mail correspondence and in SMS messages.

Do not open such messages because they will clear your account. What should you do if you receive such a message?

If you receive such a message, do not reply to it, do not send confirmation of delivery / opening and do not open the links that are included in it. Correspondence should be deleted.

What happens if you have already logged in to a fake site? As recommended by Bank Pekao, change the password or block access to electronic banking as soon as possible (for example, by contacting the bank's helpline).

If you download a malicious program to your phone, remove it as soon as possible. Please note, if you notice any suspicious activity / activity on your account, report it to your bank as soon as possible.


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