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Are you waiting for the Galaxy Note 10? We have fresh information about him

The premiere of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is still a time. Fortunately, the mobile industry is doing nothing and quietly trying to find out what the coming flagship from Samsung will offer. And you know what? Many have been fixed.

A much-needed leak leakage corresponds to @IceUniverse . According to his information, devices from the Galaxy Note 10 family will be some form of optimization for what they offer Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 . In the foreground, it seems to be a whole new place for cameras. While on the front of these changes can be expected that the likely use of the screen "with a hole" (as in the Galaxy S1

0) is, the new location for cameras is quite interesting information. The main optics can be placed vertically and not – as before – horizontally. This allows us to assume that it will resemble what it offers (19459003) Samsung Galaxy A9 .

We also know that the screen – relative to Galaxy Note 9 – will change its format slightly. Recall that from 2017, the manufacturer from South Korea presented a screen in the format of 18.5: 9. This story began with the debut of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and continued for a long time. The newest Notebook will break with this tradition. Do not count on the movie format 21: 9, which is marketed by Sony and Motorola. Samsung will show greater restraint and will be satisfied with the 19: 9 format.

@IceUniverse indirectly indicates that the screen buttonhole on the screen becomes smaller than on the Galaxy S10 line. It's a natural turn of things. Not long ago I wrote that Samsung is working on a semi-transparent coating, which in the future will allow you to place the matrix of selfie directly on the screen without having to play in holes or tears. It seems that the producer does not have this technology yet, but he has already made the first steps to make the selfie camera hole smaller, more subtle .

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy S8 migration

As for the nozzles, all the signs of the sky and earth indicate that it will only be traced to what it offers Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 + . Perhaps we see small optimizations at program level, as it has often been with Samsung, but there is no count for the revolution. Thus, "regular" Galaxy Note 10 can get a single, 10 megapixel selfie module and the Plus version will get a duet of 10 Mpix + 8 Mpix in the role of auxiliary matrix to the depth. However, the optic is in the center of the unit, not the left or right side of the display.

Visualization of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 by PhoneAren

It is also said that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will receive a battery with a capacity of 4300 mAh. Galaxy Note 10 Pro will assure itself with a 4,500-mAh link. We still don't know at what stage the company is with its design of the new fast charger, but I would be very surprised if it didn't come with the equipment. It is also recommended that the manufacturer will decide to accept the challenge from OnePlus, which will lead to the new flagship from Samsung supporting memory made in UFS 3.0.

Sensor 64 Mpix not for Samsung Galaxy Note 10


To be honest, I did not speak on it . When I clicked on the news on the source's website quietly, I hoped we would get something more than a development here. Unfortunately, if the changes in the main unit are limited only to their arrangement and a small "upgrade" compared to Galaxy S10 + I am not convinced that the new smartphones from the Koreans can be considered as products that set trends.

source: Phonearena, @ IceUniverse ed. own

The main graphic is the visualization of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 made by PhoneAren

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