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Android Q will get a new Bluetooth menu. Greater importance will also be attached to safety

I just wrote to you about the "breakthrough news", which should be added to Android R screenshots, and new products have already appeared. This time it is about this year's Android Q. But more importantly, we are talking about changes that many will welcome very positively.

All signs of heaven and earth show that Google will finally rebuild the menu of Bluetooth devices . This module is starting to play more and more, so the giant's Mountain View movement seems to be justified. As the source site suggests, the menu will be built in such a way that it will be even better for anyone using solutions such as wireless headphones. The planned notification function looks interesting, which should be shown during the first connection of the accessory with our smartphone

It is also worth remembering that Google introduced an improved standard for fast mating units. Last week, both Google and Qualcomm announced that they will be developing new chips that will make it easier for headset manufacturers to use the new standard, which will of course be translated into an even simpler combination of components with Android and Google Assistant. In the near future, the feature feature will also be displayed where the latest equipment location will be available on Google Maps. Zapominski will also be able to call a lost device in the form of an audio message.

We also know that Android Q will place even greater emphasis on user data security. The manufacturer intends to introduce the Adiantium encryption function which is an alternative encryption algorithm for devices from lower price levels that do not support AES encryption. This is not a solution that AES is just called, but the benchmarks seem to confirm that Adiantum works five times faster. In Android Q for low-end and mid-end comes native. This should have a significant impact on improving the data security of users who do not want to spend excessive amounts on the phone.

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The manufacturer also optimizes communication with other devices in the TLS 1.3 standard. This is the latest cryptographic standard available on the web, which officially saw the light of day in the second half of 2018. The new version has emphasized integrity when exchanging data, it is also a faster solution than TLS 1.2. It is estimated that the rate increase can reach up to 40%. The feature is updated directly from Google Play.

Android Q without a back button. It can be replaced by a gesture inspired by the iPhone