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AMD Ryzen Threadripper – new processors will offer up to 64 cores?


For more than a dozen then, AMD presented the third generation of Ryzen processors that lifted the bar in time and number of cores. What does that mean by Ryzen Threadripper devices?

WCCFTech service (which does not belong to particularly reliable sources of information) shows that the manufacturer had plans to increase the number of cores during the launch of a new generation of Threadrippers – instead of 32 we would have received up to 64. These reports caused many emotions in The industry media, so we decided to take a closer look at them.

Technically, this configuration is possible to prepare. It is worth noting that Threadripper devices really rely on the Epyc server system, with 64 kernel models officially announced (new designs will consist of nine chip chips ̵

1; eight with cores and one with I / O interface).

  AMD Epyc Rome
Lisa Su presents the 64-core AMD Epyc "Rome" processor

Not to mention that such a scenario seems to confirm AMD itself. Recently, Lisa Su herself has announced a move to an even higher level of performance of Threadrippers, which may have suggested the release of devices that offer even more cores. Of course, this should not be seen as a clear confirmation of leakage.

The new generation of Threadrippers will probably make its debut next year and will probably be interested in the construction workstations for applications that can exploit the potential of many threads. If the manufacturer decides to release a 64-core structure, it will surely not be a proposal for "regular bread maker" (and even because of the price).

Source: WCCFTech, inf. Invented

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