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Amazon sued to play children's voices without their consent londynek.net

Voice recording for children using Alex's intelligent assistant without their consent, Amazon violates current law in at least eight states – the authors of the trial of concern Jeff Bezos believes. "Seattle Times" informs about the case

& Alexa registers and classifies voice millions of millions of children without their consent or with their parent's consent "according to a process filed on behalf of a 10-year-old Massachusetts state resident's week in Seattle, another case filed in a court in Los Angeles, California, commissioned by an 8-year-old boy

A lawsuit against the Amazon was also filed at federal level, according to the practice of the Jeff Bezos group as consists of "permanent recording of the user's voice" contrasts with actions by other producers of voice-controlled electronics that remove users' voice samples after a certain time or do not collect this data at all

According to the Seattle Times, the process documents indicate that devices equipped with Alexs intelligent assistant transfers any word spoken after the device registers a command that evokes them from the lack of activity regardless of who who speaks it and if it has software to control the device on their smartphone

According to people who have decided to tune in to Amazon, Alexa can identify specific people based on their voice and the company has the ability to inform people who have not previously agreed to the recording, that such a procedure takes place and for consent to ask. The company can also, with the justification, disable the feature of continuous recording for people who did not approve it.

The newspaper notes that, according to the perception of people who sued Amazon, the company's practices violate the law applicable to Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington. In all these states, entities wishing to record someone's voice are required to obtain the registered person's consent, regardless of their age.

According to daily business, Jeff Bezos did not refer to cases.

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